Union Minister Arjun Munda laid the foundation stone of honey testing lab, said PM’s resolve to develop honey revolution

Despite being a country of agriculture and farmers, the goal of development in the field of agriculture was ignored after independence, but in ten years, the Modi government provided facilities and guarantees for better production in the field of agriculture. Union Agriculture Minister Arjun Munda said these things. He was addressing the foundation stone laying ceremony of Honey Testing Laboratory and Beekeeping Development Center and Bamboo Cultivation Project at the National Agricultural Higher Processing Institute, Namkum. Said that Green Revolution increased the production of food grains but did not bring self-reliance. We have to import many pulses from other countries. Soil erosion and water level went down. Under the leadership of PM, work is being done for better production with less water while protecting the health of the soil. The lab will work to ensure that honey full of medicinal properties is combined with Ayurvedic power. PM’s resolution is that to make our products available in the world with quality, we will have to develop a sweet revolution. With the help of awareness and technical knowledge, more production will have to be done at less cost. Farmers have to be made ideal and advanced. We have to move forward by connecting with water, forest and land and present Jharkhand as an example in the country. Shri Munda said that with the establishment of the centre, the honey of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Orissa along with Jharkhand will get international recognition. Ranchi, Gumla, Simdega, Seraikela, West Singhbhum will play a role in the development of beekeeping. Due to the efforts of the Central Government, honey production has doubled and export has increased in ten years.

The problem in tribal society is that they are not business minded.

Special guest Padmashree Ashok Bhagat said that agriculture and beekeeping are dependent on nature. Difficulties are there in tribal society from the beginning, they are not of business nature. Beekeeping is a big business. There is a need to change the trend and do it as a business with technical knowledge, equipment and facilities. If there is full time employment, there are challenges in it also.

PM’s thinking is to make farmers self-reliant with the help of sweet revolution.

MP Sanjay Seth said that the direction and conditions in the field of agriculture have changed in the last ten years. PM’s thinking and resolve is that the farmers of the country should become self-reliant with the help of Mithi Revolution. Farmers were provided economic strength by Khadi Board. Beekeeping is the biggest weapon to prevent the outbreak of wild elephants. Director of the institute, Dr. Abhijeet Kar welcomed the guests and told about the activities of the institute. On the occasion, BAU Vice Chancellor Dr. SC Dubey, Director of Agricultural Biotechnology Institute Dr. Sujoy Rakshit, Dr. Deobandhiya Mohapatra, former MLA Ramkumar Pahan, Rural District President Surendra Mahato, MP representative Pramod Kumar Singh, Mandal President Ashok Munda, Jelandra Kumar, Sameer Rai, Rinku Singh, Ritesh Oraon, Birsa Pahan, Gopal Chaudhary, Manoj Chaudhary, Pintu Singh etc. were present. In this program, Mr. Sanjay Seth (MP Ranchi), Mr. Abhijeet Kar (Director, NISA) and other distinguished citizens, scientists and farmer brothers/sisters of 6 KVKs of Eastern India were present.

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