U19 World Cup: England’s batsman had to pay dearly by picking up the ball and giving it to the wicketkeeper, umpire gave him out, see VIDEO

ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2024 A strange incident came to light during the match. There is a competition going on between England and Zimbabwe. The England team was batting. Meanwhile England’s batsmen Hamza Shaikh Was declared out in a strange manner. After the ball stopped near the stump, Sheikh picked it up in his hands and tossed it towards the Zimbabwean wicketkeeper. After this the keeper appealed and the third umpire declared the batsman out. Cricket fans are very angry on social media with this entire incident and are giving different reactions.

Stuart Broad also got angry

Former England fast bowler Stuart Broad also looked angry after England’s Hamza Sheikh was given out in this manner. A video of this entire incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Cricket fans are saying this is not good for the spirit of the game. Along with the umpires, Zimbabwe players are also being criticized a lot. However, cricket experts are calling it legal.

what is the rule

When Hamza Sheikh was out in this manner, it was investigated and it was found that he was declared out as per the rules. According to ICC Article 37.1.1, if any batsman tries to obstruct fielding, he will be declared out. Under Rule 37.2, a batsman will be out if he intentionally obstructs a fielder by word or action when the ball is in play and is not dead.

The batsman is out even if he hits the ball twice.

In other paragraphs of the same rule, it is mentioned that the batsman is considered out if he catches the ball with his hands other than the bat. At the same time, if the batsman hits the same ball twice, he can still be given out. The only situation in which a batsman can hit the ball again is when the ball itself is moving towards the stump after hitting the bat. In such a situation, the batsman can stop the ball from hitting the stumps. Hamza was given out for obstructing fielding.

England won the match

When Hamza Sheikh was given out controversially, the score of the England team, which came to bat first, was 78 runs. But after that, on the basis of Charlie Ellison’s explosive innings of 76 runs, England scored 237 runs. In reply, the entire Zimbabwe team was all out on the score of 91 in 24.5 overs. Only Panache Taruvinga scored 38 runs for England. 10 runs came off Campbell’s bat. Apart from this, not a single batsman could reach double digits and England won the match by 146 runs.

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