Two groups of students fight over food in Aligarh Muslim University, police arrests two students

Aligarh: A case has been registered in the Civil Lines police station in connection with the fight over food at the dinner party at Sir Ziauddin Hostel on Sir Syed Day in Aligarh Muslim University. Two student groups clashed over food on Sir Syed Day in Sir Ziauddin Hostel. In which a student was injured. There is also talk of firing, although the police is denying it, but a complaint was given by the AMU administration on Wednesday regarding the incident. On the basis of which a case has been registered against two students. In which a report has been registered against two students, a case has been registered by the security guard of AMU Hostel.

There was a fight in Sir Ziauddin Hostel

It is mentioned in the Tahrir that Sir Syed Dey heard screaming and shouting from his hostel room after dinner. Same when the gate keeper got the gate opened. When I entered the hostel, I was told by the students that there was a fight going on among the students. A large crowd had gathered. Meanwhile, two students entered the hostel room to save themselves. Assistant proctor also reached the spot. During this time Civil Line police also reached the police station. AMU administration handed over both the students to the police. The names of these students are Taha and Farman.

AMU proctor’s office filed a complaint with the police for action

During police interrogation, it was revealed that during the Sir Syed function, three thousand students were eating food in Sir Ziauddin Hostel. During this, an altercation between two students over food led to a fight and abuse. This caused chaos and screaming. The commotion continued for a long time. At the same time, after receiving the information, Civil Line Police and AMU Proctor team reached the police station. The police have taken the injured student to the hospital. The two students who attacked were handed over to the police. On Wednesday, a complaint was given by the AMU Proctor’s office. Police station civil line area officer Ashok Kumar Singh said that on Sir Syed Day, there was a dispute among the students regarding eating food during dinner at Sir Ziauddin Hostel. In which a complaint was given by the AMU Proctor Office. A case has been registered regarding the incident and legal action has been taken. The accused students are in the custody of the police.

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