Truck driver came up with a trick to avoid road accident, video goes viral on social media

New Delhi : Overtaking vehicles is also one of the major reasons for road accidents around the world. While driving on the highway, when the drivers of the vehicles coming from behind overtake them by blowing their horns, the drivers ahead do not remain without getting disturbed. Generally, traffic rules say that if you are driving at high speed on the highway and there is another vehicle driving ahead of you, then you should reduce the speed of your vehicle and signal the driver in front to move to the safe side. . But, instead of giving signals, most of the drivers start overtaking the vehicle in front at high speed by blowing a long horn. Similarly, to avoid overtakers and road accidents, a Japanese truck driver came up with a trick, which is currently going viral on social media.

Video viral on social media

Let us tell you that the video of the technique adopted by a Japanese truck driver to avoid road accidents and overtakes is becoming increasingly viral on social media. How Things Work has posted a video on the major social media platform Twitter (X). The caption of this post read ‘Simple but good idea. It is using laser to advise drivers not to cross the line and not to overtake. It seems that there is a big goods carrying vehicle right in front of it.

what is technology

The video posted on Twitter (X) is of about 15 seconds, in which the truck is moving on the highway and behind the truck, a green laser line is shown on the highway encircling the entire road. This video is being said to be from Japan. In the city of Japan where this video is taken, it is snowing and a car is driving behind the truck from which this video has been made. A truck is moving at a steady pace in front of the car. With the help of the technology present in the truck, a laser line is falling on the road a few meters away from the truck. Looking at the video, it seems that this is a vehicle carrying heavy goods.

What is the meaning of laser line?

Media reports say that in fact, during snowfall, truck drivers used this unique trick to avoid road accidents and overtakes. This laser line is a signal to other vehicles coming from behind not to overtake the truck and keep driving behind it by maintaining a certain distance. Through this, it has also been told that by this, accidents due to collision with the vehicle behind when the truck stops or slows down can be avoided.

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