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Tricolor is our nation-God, Premanand Maharaj said this to Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat who came to meet him in Vrindavan

Mathura News: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat met Sant Premanandji Maharaj in Mathura Vrindavan on Wednesday and received his blessings. Mohan Bhagwat welcomes Premanandji Maharaj by wearing a yellow scarf. Sarsanghchalak said that he had heard your words in the video, so he felt that he should have darshan once. He further said, ‘The wish is gone, the worries are gone…Manwa is carefree’. People like you are rarely seen. During this time, Premanandji Maharaj said that his people were born only for service, service of practicality and spirituality. Both these services are very essential. If we want to make the people of India extremely happy, we cannot do it only through goods and systems, it is necessary to improve the intellectual level. He said that today the intellectual level of our society is falling. This is a matter of great concern. Premanandji Maharaj said that we will provide facilities and many types of food items. But, the impurity of the heart, the tendency towards violence, the impure intellect, will not be in the interest of our country unless it is corrected. Religion has primacy in our country. Our new generation is the one who will protect our nation. Among the students, someone becomes MLA, MP, Chief Minister, Prime Minister or President.

Only modern form of education is not right

Premanandji Maharaj told Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat that our education is only taking the form of modernity. There is a lot of dissatisfaction in the heart when we see the tendencies of adultery, addiction and violence in the new generation. He said that an immortal being can never indulge in luxury. If we want to render special service to our country, then we have to understand what is the nature of our religion and what is the goal of our life. India is equally dear to us as we love Ram and Krishna. The mentality that is being created now is not beneficial for our religion and country. The increasing nature of addiction, adultery and violence is very distressing. If this continues to increase, then we will not be able to make the countrymen happy even if we provide many types of comforts, because happiness is based on thoughts.

The thoughts of the countrymen should be pure, it is necessary to improve the conduct of children.

Premanandji Maharaj said that the thoughts of our countrymen should be pure. If the thoughts are pure then patriotism, public service, social service, all this will become natural and if the thoughts are impure then they will be misused due to the abundance of facilities. He appealed to people like Mohan Bhagwat to take appropriate steps and make efforts. He said that the form of human life is very accessible, which is said to be rare even for the gods. But, what rarity is for features like addiction, we have forgotten the Sachchidananda form. It is important to understand your religion. Today small children have started getting addicted to drugs and school going students who should be celibates are destroying celibacy, this is a matter of concern. The youth we want for our country must be healthy in both mind and body.

A big heart is needed to serve the nation.

Serving the nation requires a big heart. The body needs to remain healthy. It is important for both body and mind to be healthy. The body is being destroyed by sensual pleasures. People are thinking that by eating meat we will become strong, our health will be good, we should leave spiritual strength and increase body fat. But, what is life if we cannot overcome lust, anger, greed, attachment and non-violence. Premanandji Maharaj said that at this time there is a need to purify thoughts, diet and conduct. Our country has worshiped character. Ravana was not inferior in anything. Even today, when the consecration of Lord Shiva takes place, the Tandav Stotra is sung in his name. When such a learned and powerful Mahabali became characterless, people called him a demon. Today we are not focusing on character. Small children are becoming characterless, this will put our country in trouble.

Advice to Mohan Bhagwat to stop worrying and work

On this, Mohan Bhagwat said that whatever you saints say to people, we listen to them and we are doing the same. The same things were said in Noida three days ago. You guys are also doing it. These things are increasing, we will definitely try, we will never be disappointed. To live and die is together. But sometimes worry comes to mind, on this Premanandji Maharaj said that the direct answer is whether we do not trust Shri Krishna. If the faith is strong then great things will happen. You have to prepare good people from these people, you don’t have to worry. Our tricolor is our nation, it is God. One Bhajananandi can save millions.


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