Tricks for Dogs Chasing Bike: Tips to avoid stray dogs

Tricks for Dogs Chasing Bike: If you ride a bike and are troubled by the stray dogs living in the streets, then this news is for you. It has often been seen in many cities that while passing by the bike, stray dogs follow them, at such a time due to fear and panic, some mistake is made which leads to a major accident. Today we will tell you what you should do if stray dogs on the road start chasing your bike.

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Avoid sudden stops or rapid acceleration

Nervousness can increase your speed and mistakes, which can further excite the dog, so do not be nervous while riding the bike at such a time, use patience. When stray dogs follow your bike, avoid stopping suddenly or accelerating rapidly. Reduce speed gradually and drive calmly.

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Avoid excessive honking

When chasing stray dogs, avoid blowing the horn too much. Too much horn blowing can further excite the dogs, during this time keep a firm grip on your bike. Do not leave your feet from the ground and maintain balance. If there is a safe place nearby, stop there and try to distract the dogs by throwing stones or water.

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Stop at a crowded place or shop and seek help.

If you are on the road, ask for help from other drivers. They can help you by blowing the horn or scaring away the dogs. If you feel unsafe, stop at a crowded place or shop and seek help.

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Notify the local municipality or animal control department

If a pack of stray dogs is continuously causing trouble, inform the local municipality or animal control department. It is important to remember that stray dogs are usually not aggressive, but they may be territorial or feel afraid. Because of which they attack.

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