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Tribal of Jharkhand: 6000 people speak Korba in Jharkhand.

Korba dialect of Jharkhand will not die now. Now only six thousand people are left who speak it. The thread of its breaking breath has been held. In future it will not only remain alive but will also be written and studied. It will also get the identity of the language and will also be decorated with grammatical patterns. Dr. Ramdayal Munda Tribal Welfare Research Institute of Ranchi has taken initiative in this direction. To save it, the knowledge gained through oral tradition in the minds of the elders is being written down for the first time. There is no script for this dialect. Therefore, it is being written in Devanagari script only, so that the outside world can know the knowledge gained from hundreds of years of experience through Hindi.

Population of Korba tribe is only 35 thousand

People of Korba tribe communicate among themselves in their community in Korba dialect. According to the 2011 census, the population of Korba tribe is 35 thousand, but the new generation of Korba is leaving it. To establish contacts outside the community they either have to speak Hindi or resort to other tribal link languages. Korba people are mostly from Garhwa, Pakur. Live in Godda and Koderma districts.

Preparation to save Sabar, Parhiya and Mal Pahadia dialects also

Along with Korba, preparations have also been made to save Sabar, Parhiya and Mal Paharia dialects. Sabar is spoken by 8 thousand people, Parhiya dialect is spoken by 10 thousand people and Mal Paharia is spoken by 25 thousand people. However, the population of the communities speaking these are 9688, 25585 and 1 lakh 35 thousand respectively. But, people of these communities are gradually abandoning their dialect. The majority of Sabar people reside in Dumka, Dhanbad, West Singhbhum and Seraikela-Kharsawan districts. Similarly, a large part of Parhiya community lives in Garhwa, Latehar and Palamu districts. Mal Paharia people are located in Dhanbad, Godda, Pakur and Sahebganj districts.

Campaign to link speech with bread

Ranendra Kumar, Director of Tribal Welfare Research Institute, said that this is a campaign to link dialects with bread, so that their existence can be preserved. The Tribal Welfare Research Institute is trying to preserve the dialects of the primitive tribes which are becoming extinct. Kumar said that many dialects are now dying before the dominance of English, Hindi and some other widely spoken languages. Especially among the particularly vulnerable tribal groups of Jharkhand, the dialects prevalent since ancient times are disappearing.

The loss of a dialect is the loss of a culture.

Ranendra Kumar said that a dialect is not just a dialect, it carries with itself a culture, heritage, science and identity. The extinction of a dialect is like the extinction of a culture. A continuous process of thousands of years is about to end. In such a situation, if the disappearing dialects are not saved, the priceless heritage of our ancient culture will be destroyed. By saving this culture, our effort is to save that entire tribe and science. If you associate something with bread, then both the hope and reason for its survival increases by thousands of years.

Literature in Birjia, Asur, Bhumij, Birhor and Malaton dialects

Tribal Welfare Research Institute has earlier composed prose and poetry for Birjia, Bhumij, Asur, Birhor and Malto languages. In this way, these dialects have been saved forever and in the same way, to save the dialects of all the tribes and primitive tribes, Grammar is being introduced.

32 tribal groups, eight dialects on the verge of extinction

Out of the 32 tribal groups of Jharkhand, the dialects of eight are on the verge of extinction. Asur, Birhor, Birjia, Shabar, Pahadi Khadiya, Korwa, Mal Paharia, Parhaiya, Sauria Paharia primitive tribes come in this category. Except for Mal Paharia, the number of others has reduced to thousands.

This is how dialects come alive

Retired teacher Pramod Kumar Sharma, who is engaged in decorating the literature of dialects, says that this process is beautiful and challenging in itself. In this, we know, understand, listen to people who are knowledgeable about dialects and get to know the basic form of their dialect from them. By telling grammar to those who know the dialect, they learn it in a modified manner and by including prose and poetry in their dialect, they give it the form of grammar so that it can be read and written. On the basis of grammar, dialect is prepared by writing and speaking. The basic form of language is oral. The oral form is prevalent among these endangered tribes. But children of these communities are moving out. Studying in Hindi schools. As we come in contact with outside, the original language is dying out…but the battle to save the dialects is still long.

Grammar is important for clarity in speech

An expert who is writing the grammar of the dialect of the primitive tribe said that unless there is grammar on the dialects, there is no clarity about them. Pultu Shri Shabar told that three of us have come here. They are from East Singhbhum and surrounding districts. Uma Dada is also included among them. We are working to educate and purify the language, so that our language does not disappear.

People also arrived from Dumka and Latehar

Students from Latehar district are working on the grammar of Parhaiya language. He told that Jagannath Giri and Kanhai Giri have also come from Dumka district to help in preparing the grammar of the dialect of the primitive tribe, our language is spoken in three-four districts.


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