Treated Ravi like a son, but now he should be punished severely: Prem Aggarwal

– Jyoti murder case –

Jyoti’s father’s allegation –

– Ravi’s family members also used to torture Jyoti

– Ravi had given overdose medicine to Jyoti during his son’s wedding.

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Senior correspondent, Jamshedpur

Jyoti’s husband considered Ravi like a son, but now we wish that the court should give him the harshest punishment so that a message is sent to the society. At this point, the police must investigate whether there is any other reason behind Jyoti’s murder. Jyoti Aggarwal’s father Prem Aggarwal said these things during a press conference at his residence in Jugsalai on Tuesday. At the same time, Jyoti’s sister Deepika Aggarwal has requested the court to give death sentence to Ravi Aggarwal. Jyoti’s father Prem Aggarwal told that many times there was a fight between Ravi and Jyoti, but the matter was calmed down by repeatedly convincing Ravi. Even after returning from Gangtok, Ravi himself apologized. When there was a dispute, he would make both of them sit separately and explain, but after a few days Ravi would again start quarreling and fighting. Every time an attempt was made to add houses. Ravi’s family members also used to harass Jyoti. Jyoti’s in-laws were not ready to understand anything. Those people also supported Ravi. Due to poor environment at home, Jyoti started feeling stressed and became a victim of depression. During his son’s wedding, Ravi had given overdose medicine to Jyoti. During this time, when people asked about taking him to the hospital, Ravi said that it is not right to visit the hospital in the atmosphere of marriage.

When Ravi became suspicious, a case was filed in Chandil police station.

During the story fabricated by Ravi Aggarwal, at first the incident seemed completely true, but when two people from the society talked to Minister Banna Gupta and then they inquired about the relationship between Ravi and Jyoti, they found that There was suspicion on Ravi. After that, the next day after the incident, a case was registered against Ravi Aggarwal in Chandil police station. Prem Aggarwal told that on the day of the incident, many people of the society had gathered in TMH, where Jyoti’s dead body was made a political issue by many so-called leaders. Many people of the society also wanted to save him.

Doubt over friendship with another woman

Jyoti’s sister Deepika Aggarwal told that Jyoti used to tell her everything, but she had no idea that Ravi could think of killing her. Deepika has requested the police administration to find out if there is any other reason behind this murder. Has any other woman come into Ravi’s life? He wanted to remove Jyoti from the path of adopting her. Many women also visited Ravi’s shop as customers. Apart from this, women also worked at his shop. The police also need to interrogate those people in this regard. ,

Ravi used to give medicine and alcohol together

Prem Aggarwal told that Ravi Aggarwal also used to give medicine for depression to Jyoti from his heart. Shortly after giving him the medicine, he would also give him alcohol to drink. Even after Jyoti refused, he used to force her to drink alcohol. Despite having a doctor in the house, Ravi did not give any opinion about the disease. He kept both doctor’s papers and medicines in the shop. He used to bring many medicines together from the shop and give them to her. ,

Get the responsibility of taking care of both children

Prem Aggarwal told that Jyoti has twin sons. He has requested the police administration to give them the responsibility of looking after them, so that the children can be looked after properly. For this he will also appeal in the court. Prem Aggarwal has also expressed his gratitude to Seraikela-Kharsawan and Jamshedpur police for solving the Jyoti murder case as soon as possible. He also expressed his gratitude to Minister Banna Gupta for his cooperation.

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