Train News: After Chhath, passengers are leaving 150 pairs of slippers on the platform every day in the rush to board trains.

After the festival of Chhath, there is a situation of chaos with crowd in the trains. The rush to board the train coach can be gauged from the fact that every day about 150 pairs of slippers and shoes are left behind on the platform. In recent times, after the passing of trains, the railway track in front of the platform is filled with shoes and slippers. Later the garbage collectors take it away. A garbage collector, who was collecting slippers of passengers on platform no. 1, said that every day he goes around all the platforms and collects slippers around a sack. There are many more garbage collectors like him. One told that they give the right pair of slippers to the needy. Even on Wednesday, there was a lot of slippers and shoes on the track of platform number 1 and 2 of Muzaffarpur station.

Crowd in train after Chhath

Young man fell while climbing Saptkranti

After the opening of Train No. 12557 Saptkranti Express on Wednesday, more than a dozen youth started running to board the bogie. Everyone also had bags in their hands. That’s why they were getting entangled with each other and getting out of control. Gradually the speed of the train was increasing. Out of a dozen, only five youths were able to board the bogie, during which one youth fell on the platform with a bag. Who suffered injuries in his legs and hands. Many people lost their slippers while boarding the train. A passenger named Mohit Anand shared the video of this mishap to board the train and also complained to the Railways. At the time when people were running to board the train, there were no RPF or GRP police forces.

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