Toilet Cleaning Tips: The smell of toilet keeps spreading in the house, make it fragrant and clean by adopting these home tips.

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If your toilet remains dirty or hygiene is not maintained in it, then it can be an alarm bell for you and the entire family. There is a risk of many diseases occurring due to the toilet not being clean. Regular cleaning of toilet can be easily done at home. It is very easy to keep the toilet clean and odor free. We are telling you some toilet cleaning hacks, which you can use easily.

cleaning hacks for toilet

clean pot with vinegar

Usually the toilet pot gets dirty, after which stains remain on it. After a stain remains for a long time, it becomes very difficult to clean it. Vinegar can be used to clean such stains. By applying white vinegar on toilet paper, all the stains on the pot get removed.

toilet hacks

Clear bad smell by using coffee

It is generally seen that toilets smell bad. When there is bad smell, the smell spreads throughout the house. When this happens, you can keep the toilet fresh by using coffee. To use this hack, mix two spoons of coffee in hot water and keep it in the toilet at night. In the morning all the smell will disappear from your toilet.

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use hot water

You can keep your toilet clean by using hot water. Pour hot water inside the toilet seat once a week. This will not only kill the germs hidden in your toilet but will also remove the foul smell.

toilet hacks

cleaning with baby oil

Baby oil is usually available in every home. It is used to keep the skin of children soft. By dropping this baby oil on toilet paper or any thin cloth and wiping the toilet seat with it, the smell gets eliminated and the seat becomes more shiny.

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nail polish

You can prevent rust by using nail polish. To keep the screws and hardware of the toilet seat rust-free, apply a coat of nail polish on it. Apply a coat of nail polish and let it dry. After this there will be no rust.

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hydrogen peroxide

You can use hydrogen peroxide to make your toilet germ-free. This germicidal chemical works effectively. Pour this all around the toilet seat as well and flush after about half an hour.

toilet cleaning hacks

Baking soda

If your toilet stinks then you can use baking soda. Put it on the toilet seat and leave it for half an hour and flush it. Do this twice a week to get better results.

toilet cleaning tricks

Toilet will always look shiny

By using some such easy hacks you can keep your toilet clean. With this your toilet will always remain shiny and odor free.

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