Today’s man and hero generation – Magahi poems of Dr. Balendu Kumar ‘Bambam’

who says that

the man is civilized,

come write and read

Are you filled with values?

We have doubts.

Even if there is doubt, why not?

In today’s e-scientific era,

at the last level of materialism

This man is standing.

Still in Accra

Oh sympathy, oh mercy,

Come on, you idiot!

I keep forgetting,

the knowledge of our ancestors

treasure, honor and respect

Come, self-respect.

Sirf rah gayle ekke thing,

Pseudo pride.

Today man is better than animal

Battar Bhe Gail,

Do you ever hear that the animal is there?

What is rape?

Gang rape on okro!

As long as he probes the female’s heart,

Once we get consent,

One cannot have sexual intercourse at any cost.

This thing is just lost in man –

Violent, devious and fallen thoughts!

Now we are going back to Finn.

In the era thousands of years ago

Where serif plow primitive people,

Beggar and man-eater.

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