Titar Singh in the field for the 31st time for rights, not chair, contested every election from Panch to Lok Sabha

Rajasthan Election: Elderly Titar Singh, who lives in a small village in Karanpur assembly constituency and works as a daily wage laborer in MNREGA, is nearing the end of his life while contesting elections. He has contested every election from Panch, Sarpanch to Lok Sabha, but it is a different matter that till date he has not got the rights for which he had contested in the seventies. Titar Singh, who belongs to the Dalit community, has contested about twenty elections but has lost every time due to numerical strength. If defeat is certain then why contest elections? When asked this, Teetar Singh said in a loud voice, “Why not fight?” The government should give land, provide facilities…this election is a fight for just rights.

Since when have you been contesting elections?

This old man is once again ready for the assembly elections with the same passion, enthusiasm and mission. For Titar Singh, contesting elections is not a means of gaining popularity or making records, but a weapon to achieve his rights, the edge of which has not dulled despite the passage of time and age. Titar Singh, who lives in ’25 F’, a small village in Karanpur assembly constituency of Rajasthan, got passionate about contesting elections in the seventies when he was young and many people like him were deprived of land allotment in canal areas. Were.

Allot land to landless and poor labourers!

Their demand was that the government should allot land to landless and poor labourers. With this demand and intention, he started contesting elections and then it seems as if he got used to it. Contested elections one after the other. However, his demand for allotment of land at individual level has still not been fulfilled and his sons also work as daily wage labourers. Titar Singh told that till now he has contested ten elections of Lok Sabha, ten of Assembly, four of Zilla Parishad Director, four of Sarpanchi and four of Ward Membership. According to the affidavit filed along with the nomination papers, at present his age is 78 years.

Cash of Rs 2500 in the name of deposit capital

Titar Singh told PTI over phone that he has three daughters and two sons. Even the grandchildren have got married. He has cash of Rs 2500 in the name of deposit capital. There is no land, no property, no vehicles and horses. He told that even at this age, on normal days, he works as a daily wage laborer under the government’s employment guarantee scheme ‘MNREGA’ (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) or works as a tenant with landlords. But as soon as elections come, their role changes. They are candidates, campaign, ask for votes and promise change. This has been happening for the last several decades.

Bail kept getting confiscated every time

However, the election figures were never in favor of this laborer and his security deposit was confiscated every time. According to the Election Department, Titar Singh got 938 votes in the 2008 assembly elections, 427 votes in the 2013 assembly elections and 653 votes in the 2018 assembly elections. His village is in Karanpur tehsil of Sriganganagar district from where he is an independent candidate. Teetar Singh, who speaks broken Hindi and mixed Punjabi, said that he and his wife Gulab Kaur get old age pension from the government, which helps them survive. He does not spend anything in other elections.

Did not face social opposition

On the question that he never faced any kind of social opposition for contesting elections, Titar Singh said, “Eho jai te koi gal nai.” Lokki ulte maadi bhot madad zaroor kar dede si. (There is no such thing. People on the contrary help a little bit.” The interesting thing is that this old man is not on any social media platform but has filed his nomination along with his wife. His video while going to work went viral on Monday.

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