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Darbhanga. The heat wave havoc continued in the district on Thursday. There has not been such a high temperature in any year in the last 12 years. According to the Meteorological Department of Central Agricultural University, Pusa, the highest temperature recorded on 25th April in the year 2012 was higher than today i.e. Thursday. If we talk about the lowest temperature today, the lowest and highest temperature of 28.5 degrees Celsius was recorded in the year 2020. According to Dr. Abdul Sattar, nodal officer cum senior meteorologist of the department, today’s average highest temperature was 39.8 degrees, whereas in 2012 it was recorded 40 degrees and in 2010 it was 41 degrees. Except these two years, the temperature had not risen so high in any year in the last 13 years. Therefore, due to the scorching sun since morning, people remained troubled with humidity and heat. People were not getting peace outside and even at home. There was less presence of people in most of the offices. Those who were there were also seen taking relief from the air of AC, cooler and fan. People who had gone out for important work were seen waiting for the sun to soften on the verandahs of buildings, porticoes of vehicles and other shady places. Less movement of people was seen on the roads. There was an increase in the sales of seasonal fruits and lassi, cold drinks and bottled water to protect against heat wave. The price rose due to demand. Heat web is becoming fatal for humans as well as animals and birds. Animals and birds seem to be suffering from the heat. The strong hot westerly wind along with fire raining from the sky since morning has increased the problems of the people. It has become difficult for pedestrians to walk on the roads. Pedestrians are coming out with the help of towels and umbrellas. On Wednesday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 42 degrees. The wind blew at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature in the district is expected to be 42 degrees on Thursday and wind speed is expected to be 20 kilometers per hour. The weather forecast of Rural Agriculture Meteorological Service of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Agricultural University has said favorable weather after June 18. After this date, the condition of people standing in the sun waiting for autos at intersections is getting worse. Except for a few places in the city, there is no shade of trees far and wide on the roadside. There seems to be no arrangement for drinking water from the Municipal Corporation. People were seen quenching their thirst by drinking water bottles, coconut water, sugarcane juice, vine juice, lassi, sattu and cold drinks. Was seen consuming fruits like cucumber, watermelon etc.

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