This Lok Sabha constituency of Jharkhand has the lowest number of votes, BollywoodWallah launched ‘Vote, build the country’ campaign.

Lok Sabha Election 2024|Lok Sabha elections have been announced. Lok Sabha elections are starting in Jharkhand from 13th May. There is good turnout in some parts of Jharkhand, but there are some areas where turnout is very low. Dhanbad and Jharia are the areas where voting is lowest in the country. To increase the voting percentage here, BollywoodWallah has started the ‘Vote, Build the Country’ campaign. Under this, people have been appealed to come out of their homes in maximum numbers to vote on May 25 and set a new record of voting by removing the tag of lowest voting on Dhanbad and Jharia. Along with social organizations, students from different schools and colleges also participated in the voter awareness campaign ‘Vote Kare Desh Gadheen’ organized by BollywoodWallah. In the program organized at Guru Nanak College, students were told that if you have turned 18 years of age, then you must get your name registered in the voter list.

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