This is not a joke, it is a miracle, OLA self balancing e-scooter has arrived.

OLA Solo Electric Scooter: You might have seen drivers driving at full speed by maintaining balance, but now you will also see such a vehicle which does not require the driver to balance to drive. The vehicle will maintain its balance on its own. All you have to do is ride on it and travel. Now you will understand that we are joking with you, but this is not a joke, but the truth, sir! Ola Electric, a startup company manufacturing electric two-wheelers in its own country, is going to launch a scooter which does not require the driver to maintain balance to ride it. It will take turns according to the route and will also control itself when the speed breaker comes. The name of this scooter is Ola Solo Electric Scooter.

Ola unveils self balancing scooter Solo

Ola Electric has unveiled the world’s first autonomous scooter. A video of this scooter is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video the electric scooter is shown running without any driver. It has also been shown how this scooter automatically turns when it comes to a turn and not only this, it also stops by applying brakes on its own.

Ola Solo self balancing scooter will be equipped with AI

The most important information is that Ola Solo self balancing electric scooter is equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is being told that Ola has used Quickie.AI software in this electric scooter, which is capable of taking quick decisions. This AI technology is powered by the indigenously developed LMAO 9000 chip, which analyzes real-time traffic data to navigate the roads easily. It is also equipped with a ‘braking’ feature enabled by ElectroSnooze Quantum, which helps the scooter find a hypercharger nearby and activate itself.

Ola Solo is a prototype electric scooter

Ola Electric Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bhavish Aggarwal has recently posted a video on Twitter (X). In this video he has shared a video of the upcoming new electric scooter. This is a prototype electric scooter. The technology behind this is something that we are working on. This shows the kind of leadership role our engineering teams are capable of playing. Ola Solo is a glimpse of future mobility and our engineering teams are working on automation and self-balancing technology in two-wheelers, which you will see in our future products.

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