This company sold more than 3 lakh two-wheelers in a month, all records broken!

Bajaj Auto Has demonstrated tremendous sales in November 2023. The company has registered a jump in sales in both domestic and export markets. The company’s total sales (domestic + exports) increased to 3,32,223 units in November 2023, which was 2,49,731 units in November 2022. This time the company has sold more bikes by 82,492 units.

Bajaj Auto’s performance in the domestic market is excellent

Bajaj Auto’s performance in the domestic market was quite excellent. The company’s sales increased by 76.37 percent to 2,10,532 units in November 2023, which is 91,165 units more than 1,19,367 units sold in November 2022. The company’s portfolio has seen growth in sales of CT, Pulsar and Platina as well as Chetak and Avenger.

Pulsar sales jump by 79.29 percent

There has been a slight decline in the sales of Dominar in Bajaj’s portfolio, while the sales of Pulsar have increased. Last month, Pulsar sales increased by 79.29 percent to 1,30,403 units, which was only 72,735 units in November 2022. With this sale, Pulsar holds 61.94 percent share in the Bajaj bikes range. In the Pulsar range, sales of 77,711 units of 125cc bikes and 28,373 units of 150cc bikes were recorded. Along with this, the highest annual growth was seen in the sales of these bikes with 72.03 percent and 109.62 percent.

Platina sales increase by 79.83 percent

Bajaj Platina sales have also increased by 79.83 percent on annual basis. It increased from 33,702 units sold in November 2022 to 60,607 units last month.

Chetak and Avenger sales also increase

At present, Bajaj Chetak is the third best selling electric scooter in the country. A total of 8,472 units were sold last month, which is 153.20 percent more than the 1,300 units sold in November 2022. At the same time, in November 2023, Avenger sales increased by 24 percent to 1,612 units, while Dominar sales decreased by 2.21 percent to 795 units.

Reasons behind Bajaj Auto’s performance

There are many reasons behind this excellent performance of Bajaj Auto. The most prominent among these is the popularity of the company’s Pulsar range. Pulsar is one of the best selling bikes in the Indian market. Apart from this, Bajaj Auto has also recently launched its Platina electric scooter, the sales of which have also increased significantly. Apart from this, the company has also reduced the prices of its products, which has helped in attracting customers.

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