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Third line will be laid from Jamalpur to Bhagalpur and second railway track will be laid till Munger, know what is the action plan of Eastern Railway.

Jamalpur. General Manager of Eastern Railway Amar Prakash Dwivedi has said that a plan has been made to lay the third railway line from Barharwa to Bhagalpur and from Bhagalpur to Jamalpur in Malda division. This plan has been sent to the Railway Board for approval. There is also a plan for a second railway line between Munger-Jamalpur. But for this it is necessary that the rate of return should be good, at present the rate of return is not good. He said these things on his arrival in Jamalpur on Tuesday.

Proposal sent to Railway Board

He said that 39 schemes of Eastern Railway have been sent to the Railway Board for approval. DPR for the third rail line scheme between Barharwa to Bhagalpur and Bhagalpur to Jamalpur has been prepared. Earlier the government believed that the scheme was approved only if the income was more than 14 percent. But in the present government the scheme is being approved only on 10% income. Apart from this, according to another criterion, under Economic Internal Rate of Return, apart from the rate of return, other things are also considered.

Third railway tunnel will be built in Jamalpur

If the third line is laid between Jamalpur and Ratanpur, then a third rail tunnel will also be built in Jamalpur. He told that the trend of diesel engines is coming to an end in Indian Railways. In view of this, the work of electric loco maintenance has been entrusted to Diesel Shed Jamalpur. The people of Jamalpur should not think that this diesel shed is ever going to be closed. He also said that there is a technical hurdle in building the railway station on Jamalpur Y leg. To build a railway station, there should be stations at a distance of at least five kilometers on both sides, but the Y leg of Jamalpur is only two and a half kilometers away from Jamalpur station.

Second railway line will be laid between Munger and Jamalpur

The General Manager said that there is also a plan for a second railway line between Munger-Jamalpur, but for this it is necessary that the rate of return should be good, at present this rate of return is not good. For this also a proposal has been sent to the Railway Board. When the rate of return increases, then the work of laying a second railway line will start here. Regarding the rate of return, he said that when capital is invested in a scheme, the income and expenses from that scheme are calculated. If the income meets the expenditure on time then that scheme is kept on priority basis.

App inaugurated for safe operation of trains

General Manager of Eastern Railway Amar Prakash Dwivedi inaugurated the Railway’s Margdarshak App at Jamalpur Railway Station on Tuesday. Where officials of the former Railway Headquarters including Malda Railway Division’s DRM Vikas Choubey and Chief Factory Manager Sudarshan Vijay were present with him.

Train operation will be safe with Margdarshak app

While inaugurating the Margdarshak app, the General Manager said that this app is related to safety. In which the loco pilot running the train will get information about the train with which he is running. What is the signal condition for that? Seeing the status of the signal, the Assistant Loco Pilot alerts the Loco Pilot. Loco pilots are given training in this regard. Even after this, mistakes happen. Whereas there will be no scope for mistake through this app. Loco pilots will practice on this app. By the way, the railway section on which loco pilots run trains. They have knowledge of the signals of the railway section. But this app will make their work more accurate.

East Railway Main Hospital will be rejuvenated at a cost of Rs 15 crore

The General Manager said that he is personally keen on the rejuvenation of the Eastern Railway Main Hospital and a plan has been made to rejuvenate this hospital at a cost of Rs 15 crore. A new building will also be built here and a proposal for this has also been sent to the Railway Board. He said that compared to other railway sections, Bhagalpur-Jamalpur-Kiul railway section is in much better condition. Not only this, the railway workers working on this railway section are very hardworking and dedicated. For which they will also be rewarded. However, there are many small railway stations on this railway section. Which needs further upgrading.


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