There will be transfer to meet the shortage of teachers in the university

  • Vice Chancellor took resolution to get A+-plus grade, appealed for cooperation from teachers and officials
  • Meeting with Deans, Heads of Departments and teachers in Senate Auditorium for planning and preparations for NAAC assessment

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai regarding NAAC evaluation on Tuesday in the Senate Hall of BRA Bihar University. Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai said that within a period of 45 days, work will be done at a rapid pace towards improving the infrastructure of all departments and administrative offices. To meet the shortage of professors in the departments where the number of teachers will be more, calculate the student-teacher ratio. Teachers will be transferred from there. He said that after submitting IIQA, the countdown for NAAC has started. Every hour and day is important for the university. He appealed to everyone for cooperation. He directed to form separate teams to get A++ grades. Heads of departments drew the attention of the Vice Chancellor towards the problems like dilapidated buildings of departments and offices, inconvenience of drinking water, problems in electricity supply, lack of classrooms for conducting classes, lack of toilets and toilets etc. While expressing his gratitude, Registrar Prof. Sanjay Kumar said that the dilapidated buildings will be repaired soon. Drinking water and other problems will also be resolved. Its process has started.
Formation of 20 committees for better grading of the university:
IQAC Director Prof. Kalyan Kumar Jha said that after the AQAR report of the departments of the university (from the year 2018 to 2023), the IIQA report has been submitted online on March 31. It is mandatory to submit SSR within 45 days of IIQA report. To do this successfully, 20 teams have been formed. Newly appointed professors are mainly included in this team. He said that after rationalization, at present 153 posts of professors are sanctioned in PG departments. Only 88 professors are appointed in it. 65 posts of teachers are vacant. In such a situation, the transfer process will be expedited to overcome the shortage of teachers. He told that during the first phase of NAAC in 2015, the team had not accepted the deputation of teachers in PG departments.
70 percent marks on documentation and 30 percent marks on peer team visit:
The Vice Chancellor said that he has been a part of peer teams in many universities. In such a situation, the university will benefit from his experience. He told that 70 percent marks for NAAC evaluation is determined only on documentation. Whereas 30 percent marks will depend on the visit of the peer team and its recommendations. He said that every department should present its achievements in a better way. This will have a positive impact. A dedicated room will be established for NAAC evaluation. Documentation and other paper work will be done in this room.

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