There will be a change in the weather of Bihar from Friday, chances of increasing cold during Makar Sankranti

Patna. If you are going to take a holy bath in the Ganga and other rivers during Makar Sankranti, then go with caution and make full arrangements to avoid cold. The cold may be felt a little more than at present. Considering that Western Disturbance is going to be active in the Western Himalayan region in the next 48 hours. Due to this, westerly winds can gain strength in Bihar. Therefore, the cold is likely to increase between January 13 and 15.

Expected to last till January 16

IMD Patna is currently studying the circumstances of activation of Western Disturbance. Only after this will the forecast of the impact of western disturbance be released. The effect of western disturbance is likely to last till January 16. According to official information, due to the effect of western disturbance, the minimum temperature may drop by two to four degrees Celsius as compared to Wednesday.

Chances of normal to moderate rain in Bihar

Meanwhile, IMD has issued a forecast that there are chances of fog at one or two places in North-Western and North-Central Bihar and normal to moderate rain in the rest of Bihar for the next 48 hours. Ashish Kumar, senior meteorologist of IMD Patna, said that due to the western disturbance which is going to become active, the westerly wind may gain strength, due to which there are chances of increase in cold.

Difficult to predict the intensity of cold

Meteorologists say that it is too early to predict the intensity of that cold. We will issue the forecast only after assessing the intensity of the western disturbance. However, the possibility of rain during the active Western Disturbance is very less.

Night temperature will be around normal

According to the official data released by IMD, on Wednesday the highest temperature in Patna was two degrees above normal and the minimum temperature was four degrees above normal and in Gaya the highest temperature was two degrees above normal and the minimum temperature was three degrees above normal. The situation in Bhagalpur is also more or less the same. Day and night temperatures in Purnia remain around normal.

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