There was a crowd outside the HRL complex also, slogans of Jai Shri Ram and Modi-Modi were being raised.

Dhanbad : The helicopter landed at the helipad near Domgarh in Sindri at 11.02 am. With the caravan he set out by road for Haral. Entered Hurl at 11.17. During this, he waved and greeted the people standing inside the barricading. At 12.24 pm he came out of the gate located at Domgarh in Haral. During this time, people standing under barricades on the roadside raised slogans of Jaishree Ram and Modi-Modi. As soon as the sound of the helicopter was heard, everyone reached near the barricading. As soon as the vehicles arrived with sirens blaring, people became excited. Everyone started capturing this moment in their mobile phones. Be it women, children or men, everyone’s enthusiasm was palpable.

Shops closed, entry of people prohibited

During this period, all the small and big shops in the area were closed. The soldiers had been deployed since 6 in the morning. The entry of vehicles was stopped from 9 o’clock in the morning at the square located one kilometer before the barricading built in Domgarh. People were also banned from walking on foot due to the barricading of Domgarh. During this time, people had to wait for hours to go to their and their acquaintances’ homes. At 12.30 pm, the CM’s convoy passed after Narendra Modi. After that the common people were allowed to go.

There were strong security arrangements

During this period, strict security arrangements were made. Even inside the barricading, only the people living there were present. People coming from other areas were not being allowed inside. Soldiers were deployed on the roofs of houses as well as in the streets. The soldiers standing inside the barricading were facing the opposite direction and were stopping people from going near the barricading.

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