There is no toilet facility in KD market


People face a lot of problems due to lack of toilet facilities in KD, the main market of Khalari Koylanchal. Shopkeepers, customers and those working there face a lot of problems in the market. Whereas KD market is the main market of Koyalanchal and surrounding areas. A large number of people keep coming and going here every day. People face problems due to lack of public toilets and parking in the market. Buyers park their vehicles on the road and make purchases. Even in the market built in KD Bazaar, no provision of toilets has been made for personal convenience. Due to which men and women have to face a lot of problems. Toilets have been arranged in some new markets, but as they are private, they are not available to the customers. From outside, shopkeepers, their workers and customers, when in need, look for a secluded place near the market, due to which they have to face embarrassment. The biggest problem is faced by female customers and female staff of the shop.

Assurance regarding construction of public toilet

Khalari Business Association has given oral and written application to BDO demanding construction of public toilet. In which land was marked at three places around KD Bazaar, near Savera Hotel, behind Pragati Market and near the bus stand. There was assurance that toilets would be constructed at the identified places through DMFT funds. But this process has passed for more than a year and the toilet has not been constructed. On the other hand, toilets can also be constructed through CCL’s CSR or 15th Finance.

Toilet will be built soon

Regarding toilet facilities in KD Bazaar, Bukbuka Panchayat head Parasnath Oraon said that three-four places have been identified. Places like KD market, Bukbuka market, bus stand etc. have been identified for construction of toilets and have been included in the Gram Sabha. Soon, after the elections, toilets will be built in other places including KD Bazaar.

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