The work of the new terminal of Patna Airport will not be completed before March, know how much construction has been done so far

Patna. The people of the city will soon get to see the new terminal building of Patna Airport. All modern methods and techniques are being used in the construction of this building. By the way, the work of Patna Airport Terminal is going very slow. If the pace continues at this pace, its construction work may not be completed before March next year. People engaged in the work also say that 80 percent of the construction has been completed. The work that is left here may take three months to complete. In such a situation, this terminal will be completely ready by 20-25 March. Operations from this new terminal will start by the end of March. If sources are to be believed, it is likely to be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi.

85 percent civil work of terminal building completed

The construction work done so far includes 85 percent civil work of the new terminal building. It will be 100 percent completed by mid-February. After that, denting-painting and decorating work will begin and efforts will be made to complete it by mid-March. The construction of the six-storey parking building has been 100 percent completed and now the agency is working on creating infrastructure to develop parking facilities here. This may also take a month.

Work on installing travelator started

100 percent civil work of the ramp to reach the new terminal from the parking has been completed. Now work is being done to install travelator there. With this, passengers will be able to park their vehicles in the parking lot and reach the second floor of the terminal building, where the departure section for outbound passengers will be located. Glass will also be installed on both sides of the ramp, so that people traveling by travelator can see the view of the premises and surrounding areas of Patna Airport. This too will be completed by mid-March. According to the information, till now the work of foundation, basement, ground floor and first floor has been completed in this two-storey building and also the work of the approach flyover has also been completed, through which people will be able to reach the departure floor. After all these works, the work of finalizing the terminal building has started, which will take approximately three to four months. This building will be completely ready by the end of March or April next year.

Was to be completed by December 2022

After the concrete structure of this building, a steel truss structure is being built on top of it to give it a better look. Besides, roof top is also being constructed using metallic sheets, which will give a grand look to the terminal building. Flooring will be done with beautiful tiles. After that the work of electrical wiring and false ceiling will be done. In the end, the work of making and painting the wall with plaster of Paris will be done. Mithila painting will also be used in this. This building, being built at a cost of Rs 1209 crore, was to be completed by December 2022. But, due to Corona epidemic, there was some delay in construction.

Annual capacity of approximately 50 lakh passengers

The new terminal building of this airport, which has an annual capacity of approximately 50 lakh passengers. Its construction work started in December 2019. The target was to complete this building by December 2022, but after that, due to Corona, the pace of work slowed down a bit. Earlier the probable date of its completion was July 2023 and then it was said to be December 2023. But, now the new terminal building of Patna Airport is expected to be completed by April 2024.

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