The state in-charge took a U-turn within 2 days on the statement of replacement of Congress quota ministers in Jharkhand


Jharkhand News: Jharkhand Congress state in-charge Avinash Pandey is in Jharkhand migration. He will camp in Jharkhand for 13 days and participate in the party’s agitation. In-charge Mr. Pandey, who reached Jharkhand, had said in BollywoodWallah dialogue program three days ago that the performance of some ministers of the party is not satisfactory. The party will review about this. If there is no improvement, there will be change. Two days after this statement, the in-charge took a U-turn.

Earlier there was talk of changing the ministers, now there will be no change

Now the statement of the state in-charge has come that all the ministers of the party are doing good work. They are working more than the election promises. There will be no change. The discussion within the party regarding the changed stand in the in-charge’s statement is intense. Party leaders are discussing that what was the pressure that the in-charge changed his statement within two days. Shout out to the ministers. There is a discussion in the party that from time to time, the in-charge has expressed displeasure over the work of the ministers, but the matter gets resolved.

Strategy being made to surround the in-charge

The in-charge had also commented during the party’s program in Parasnath. The distraught camp of party leaders is making a strategy to surround the in-charge in this matter. The state BJP has also taken a dig at the changing statements of the Congress in-charge. Here, suspended Congress leader Alok Dubey has said that making statements against the ministers of his own party is a matter of indiscipline. Said that the high command should see all this. The people in charge are making their own government dirty. Mr. Dubey said that what happens that the in-charge changes his statement within two days.

Congress in-charge should tell, what was the agreement behind the U-turn on the statements of ministers: Deepak Prakash

Here, BJP state president and MP Deepak Prakash has put Congress in-charge Avinash Pandey in the dock regarding his statement. Mr. Prakash has said that two days ago, there has been a U-turn in the statement of the state in-charge who termed the ministers of the Congress party in the state government as failures. Said two days ago that the performance of the ministers is not right, whereas now they are saying that the ministers are doing a better job.

BJP targeted

Mr. Prakash has said that in the last two days, what historical works were done by the ministers in the interest of the state, due to which they became worthy and capable in the eyes of the in-charge. Avinash Pandey is talking about not changing the ministers. The BJP president has said that the Congress in-charge should tell what internal agreement was reached with the ministers, it should be made public. It was costly for the Congress in-charge to make a statement against the ministers of the state government under the dictatorship of Hemant Sarkar. He said that the Congress party participates in corruption as well as agitates in support of it. That’s why the Congress party should not try to be good in the eyes of the public through statements.


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