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The role of sports administrator is very challenging, PT Usha said in a special conversation with ‘BollywoodWallah’

Flying angel of India, Rajya Sabha MP and President of the Indian Olympic Association PT Usha Was in Ranchi on Sunday. She has come to Ranchi for the first time after becoming the President of the Indian Olympic Association. She says that she has played many roles at this stage of her life. Got recognition as a player. Was a sports administrator. I am a Rajya Sabha member. There is also family responsibility. But, the biggest challenge is to play the role of sports administrator properly. From the beginning it has been my habit to face challenges. That’s why I don’t run away from it. I am trying to improve the situation in which IOA has been found for the sake of the game and the players. Senior correspondent of ‘BollywoodWallah’ during his stay in the capital Diwakar Singh Talked to him. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

After athlete, MP and now IOA President, how was the journey?

The journey as an athlete has been very good. Never faced any such problem. Which made it seem very difficult. After this, he still has better experience as a Rajya Sabha MP. But when it comes to Association (IAO), a lot can be done, but it is very difficult. If you go to do some work there, you have to face problems from many sides. But I am not one to run away or retreat from problems. I will fix everything.

How much difference has there been in the game before and now?

There was a lack of facilities in sports in our times. There was no infrastructure, but now players get complete facilities. There is also support from the government and the association. Results are also visible. Our players are doing well on national and international platforms.

Jharkhand can become a hub of sports, how much potential do the players here have?

Jharkhand has the best infrastructure for sports. I have been here many times before. Many national and international level events have taken place here, hence it can be said that Jharkhand can become a sports hub. Many players are doing better in the marathon being held here and are winning medals. Even in athletics, the players here are making name for themselves at the international level.

What are the preparations for Mission Olympic?

Better preparations are being made for the Olympics. I hope that our players will win more medals in this Olympics than before. Players are getting full facilities. Players are being trained using state-of-the-art methods.

What do you have to say on the ongoing controversy in wrestling?

An adhoc committee has been formed for wrestling and it is running the wrestling. The committee will fix everything soon. I am also looking at it. I will fix everything soon.

How do you manage to keep pace with your family in such a busy time?

My family is very supportive, my son is a doctor of sports medicine, my husband has been a police officer. He took VRS to support me. Right now my family fully supports me. Because of this I am able to do all the work successfully. Sports is my passion and I give it priority.


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