The longest water sports center opened in Patna, know the price to be paid for a ride

Patna. After the cruise, now there is an opportunity to once again enjoy water sports on the waves of Ganga in Patna. Now the people of Patna no longer need to go to Goa or Bengal for such adventures. Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation has started water sports at the tourist ghat in Digha. For this, the longest sports center of about one kilometer has been built in Digha on the banks of Ganga. Its objective is to promote water sports to the people of Patna like other states.

Operation of High Speed ​​Motor Boat 10-8 Seater

Tourism Corporation has handed over the responsibility of running water sports to BP Sons Fun and Entertainment Private Limited. In this regard, Dr. Ashutosh Asthana, CEO of BP Sons Fun and Entertainment Private Limited, said that currently the operation of High Speed ​​Motor Boat and Z Attack has started in Patna. High Speed ​​Motor Boats 10-8 seater and four seater high speed motor boats are being operated. Apart from this, Z attack is also being conducted. It is Rs 200 per person per round for a ten seater boat. Whereas for a four seater boat, a charge of Rs 250 per person per round is being charged. Whereas for jet attack, a charge of Rs 500 per person per round has been kept. It is being operated from 11 am to 6 pm.

Now Patna has fun like Goa and Mumbai

Now for fun, one can enjoy Goa not in Mumbai but in Patna by spending less money. Dream World Water Adventure Manager Aryan Singh, while talking to the local media, said that now the people of Bihar will not have to go outside the state to take a trip in the Ganga. Because this facility is being provided to the people in Patna in low budget. This facility is being provided to tourists every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. He said that people are coming with their family and friends from morning till evening to enjoy the water boat. There is a very good response.

Water bike will arrive before Holi

Dream World Water Adventure Manager Aryan Singh said that keeping in mind the response of the people, water bikes will also be ordered before Holi, after which people will also be able to enjoy water bikes in Patna. He said that all three motor boats have different rates. For a 10 seater motor boat the price has been kept at Rs 200 per person, for an 8 seater motor boat it has been kept at Rs 250 per person. The price of the highest speed jet attack motor boat has been kept at Rs 500 per person. Those courageous people are mostly making noise in the waves of Ganga by riding on jet attack. He said that safety standards are followed in water sports activities. Two national level swimmers have been placed here. Those who ride on motor boats are made to wear life jackets.

People excited about the ride

Ravi Shankar Upadhyay, working in the Tourism Department, saw the view of the waves of Ganga while riding on the high speed Jet Attack motor boat and also posted it on his social media wall. He said that the fun of traveling on a water boat is something different. When the boat moves at high speed, the flowing stream of Ganga falls on the face and it is difficult to describe that feeling. I am very happy that such opportunities are available in Patna. We have had our first experience of a water boat. Everyone should come to enjoy.

Crowd of tourists flocking

Crowds of people are often seen visiting Patna’s Digha Ghat and adjacent Marine Drive. Now crowds of tourists are arriving to enjoy water sports. The tourists who are enjoying the water motor boat once, are also telling their relatives and the result is that the crowd of tourists is increasing every day.

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