The face of tourist places in Bihar will change, these special facilities will be available, know the government’s plan

Bihar Tourism: The face of major tourist destinations as well as small tourist destinations of Bihar is going to change soon. The government is continuously making efforts to increase the number of tourists here. For this, a new tourism policy has also been made by the state government, as soon as it is implemented, many types of tourist facilities will be developed. This new tourism policy of Bihar has been approved by the Industry Department. This policy is still awaiting approval from the cabinet. It will be implemented after getting approval from the cabinet. Under this policy, grants will also be given by the state government to develop facilities at tourist places.

Government will give grants for development of tourist facilities

To promote tourism in Bihar, the new tourism policy has been divided into seven sectors. Through this, the government will also give grants to promote hotels, restaurants and resorts at tourist places. Not only this, if someone wants to convert an already built hotel into a four star hotel, then he will also be given help. In this policy, provision of assistance is also being made for development of tourist facilities along the highways, facilities like camping sites and adventure sports. Under this, 64 tourist places in 21 districts of the state will be developed in the first phase. The places around these tourist places will also be developed.

These facilities will be developed

Most tourists come to Bihar to visit religious and historical places. But the state government is now also planning to promote eco tourism, rural tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism etc. For this, it is also considering providing assistance to those operating wellness and yoga centres, river cruise operations, theme parks, entertainment areas, golf course units, tourist buses and amusement parks.

  • Apart from the tourist places of Nalanda-Bodhgaya, the places in the state where tourism facilities will be developed include:

  • Kanwar Lake and Jaimangalagarh in Begusarai

  • Vanavar Hill, Bibi Kamal Tomb and Barabar Cave in Jehanabad

  • Bhim Dam and Munger Fort in Munger

  • Aami Darbar, Chirand and Harihar area in Saran

  • Kesariya, Areraj, Orwell Birthplace and Lake Town in East Champaran

  • Sinheshwar place in Madhepura

  • Lauria Nandangarh and Bhitiharwa Gandhi Ashram in West Champaran

  • Dhuan Kund in Rohtas, Rohtas Garh Fort, Manjhar Kund Waterfall, Tutla Bhavani Lake, Kashish Waterfall, Sher Shah’s Tomb, Indrapuri Dam.

Different cost prices for different features

Under the new tourism policy, grants will be given to develop various tourist facilities. Different cost prices have been fixed for this. Apart from hotels and resorts, the facilities to be developed at these tourist places include facilities like wellness centre, convention centre, theme park, entertainment zone, sound and light show.

How much grant will you get?

There is a plan to provide a grant of up to Rs 30 crore to develop tourist facilities. Under which a maximum grant of Rs 2 crore or 30 percent will be given on projects worth Rs 10 crore. Whereas on projects up to Rs 50 crore, this grant will be Rs 7.5 crore or 25 percent. Apart from this, a maximum grant of Rs 15 crore or 25 percent will be given on projects costing above Rs 50 crore. At the same time, there is a provision of giving 5 additional grants for developing facilities in major tourist places of the state like Gaya, Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Vaishali, Valmikinagar.

6.74 crore tourists visited Bihar in the last ten months

In the year 2023, a record 6.74 crore tourists have come to visit Bihar from January to October. Of these, 6.70 crore are domestic and 3.62 lakh foreign tourists. This is being revealed by the data released by the Tourism Department. Rajgir has become the most favorite place for tourists in the state. Of the total tourists, the maximum number of more than 3.26 crore tourists came to Rajgir. The number of tourists has also increased in Rajgir due to the Malmas fair. The second favorite destination of tourists in Bihar is Bodh Gaya, where 1.59 crore tourists visited. If we talk about foreign tourists, their favorite tourist destinations are Gaya and Bodhgaya. Where 60 and 50 thousand foreign tourists had come.

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