The encroached part of ASG Eye Hospital was demolished, the stall was also removed.

JNAC launched encroachment removal campaign in Sakchi, collected 9 thousand fine, created panic among shopkeepers Senior Correspondent, Jamshedpur. Flying squad team of Jamshedpur Axis conducted encroachment removal campaign in Sakchi for the third day on Wednesday. The encroached part of ASG Eye Hospital located on Sakchi Dhalbhum Road was demolished with JCB. Under the leadership of Special Officer Arvind Tirkey, the team reached near Sakchi Bengal Club at 3 pm with its team to remove the encroachment. Goods, posters, banners etc kept in front of shops were confiscated. As soon as the shopkeepers saw the team, they themselves started hurriedly bringing in the goods kept in front of the shop. The team removed encroachment in Sakchi Mall Road SNP area, Mango Garden, Dhalbhum Road, State Mile Road, Thakurbari Road, Penar Road. The team that loaded the goods in tractors and took them to JNAC did not even spare the carts and kiosks placed on the roadside. The shops in front of which there was encroachment. Fines ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 4000 thousand were also collected from shopkeepers. The team dismantled the stored goods, loaded them into tractors and took them to JNAC. Special Officer Arvind Tirkey said that after receiving complaints of road jam, earlier the shopkeepers were ordered to remove the encroachment themselves. Despite this, if the encroachment was not removed, the goods were confiscated and fine was imposed. The campaign will continue further also. City Manager Prakash Sahu, Anay Raj, Engineer MK Pradhan etc. were present in the campaign.

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