The best procession of Sarhul will get one lakh rupees

Ranchi. Cash rewards have also been announced for the procession to Sarhul. Central Sarna Committee Chairman Ajay Tirkey said that this year, Rs 1 lakh will be given to the best procession of Sarhaul. The second place procession will get Rs 50,000 and the third place procession will get Rs 25,000 as prize. For the first time, such cash awards have been announced for the procession. Ajay Tirkey said that all the Khodhas (groups) participating in the procession will be given ganji, dhoti, gamchha. He said that this will encourage people to participate in the procession to Sarhul. Those taking part in the procession have been requested to come in their traditional attire – men wearing dhoti, ganji and women wearing red paad saree. Also join the procession with musical instruments like maunders and drums. All Sarna committees have been requested not to honor the pahans on the stage near Albert Ekka Chowk, as it creates unnecessary crowd. An appeal has been made to honor the vehicles at the square itself. At the same time, permission has been sought from the jail administration to conduct the puja in Birsa Munda Central Jail located at Hotwar.

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