Tetra packs of liquor were stuck on the body like plaster

A strange incident of liquor smuggling has come to light from Gopalganj. Here a liquor smuggler was not smuggling liquor in a truck or van, rather he had stuck several tetra packs of liquor on his body like a plaster with the help of tape and was wearing clothes over it. This smuggler was coming on foot from UP towards Bihar when Gopalganj police became suspicious of him and started searching him. During the search, the police team was also stunned to see this method of smuggling.

Here, City Inspector Omprakash Chauhan told that the liquor smuggler was coming on foot carrying liquor from UP. Seeing him in a suspicious situation at midnight near Brahma Chowk, the police searched him and liquor smuggling was revealed. He told that a total of 37 pieces of tetra pack liquor has been recovered by the police from the smuggler.

The arrested liquor smuggler has been identified as Dhruv Sah, who is a resident of Sasamusa market of Kuchaykot police station area.

City Inspector told that the said smuggler was bringing tetra pack of liquor from UP, but the police is busy investigating where the delivery was to be made. He also said that the police has now increased the strictness in the investigation to arrest such vicious smugglers.

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