Tata Workers Union: Harishankar agreed, possibility of tough challenge for the post of General Secretary is over, Ajay is Assistant Secretary candidate.

Tuesday proved to be a shocking day in the Tata Workers Union elections. Harishankar Singh, who had contested the elections against General Secretary Satish Singh, has now joined hands with Satish Singh. In the meeting held at Chamaria Guest House, Harishankar Singh joined hands and agreed to contest elections again this time for the post of Treasurer.

Assistant Secretary Ajay Chaudhary said that he is with Team Tunnu and will again contest the elections on the post of Assistant Secretary. It is noteworthy that Ajay Chaudhary was made the candidate for team treasurer in place of Harishankar Singh. But now after Harishankar Singh has returned to the post of Treasurer, Ajay Choudhary is ready to contest the elections for the post of Assistant Secretary.

Get together will be held at Security Club at 7 pm

In this meeting held under the chairmanship of Union President Sanjeev Chaudhary Tunnu, on the request of the President, with the consent of the entire team, it was decided to include Harishankar Singh on the post of Treasurer again on behalf of Team Tunnu for the upcoming elections. Ajay Chaudhary said that he always respects the team’s decision and he accepts the new decision. An appeal was also made to make the get together of the committee members of Team Tunnu successful. It will be organized on Wednesday at the Security Club at 7 pm.

Four people withdrew their nomination from the election

Tuesday was the last day for withdrawal of nominations in the Tata Workers Union elections. Four people withdrew their nominations on this day. Those who withdrew their nominations include Tariq Hasan of Power House 5 of constituency number 152, B Vijay Kumar of FM Electrical of constituency number 145, Vivek Kumar Das of HSM department of constituency number 71 and Rajeev Ranjan Singh of constituency number 71.

Unopposed election on 70 seats out of 214 seats.

However, after the withdrawal of nominations of these four, no one could go unopposed. Till now, out of 214 seats, 70 people have been elected unopposed. In such a situation, elections will now be held for the posts of 144 committee members, for which 368 candidates are in the fray. Voting for this will be held on February 3. The draft ballot paper will be published on Wednesday. Voting will take place in the Steelenium Hall of the Tata Steel campus.

Tata Workers Union elections on 3rd February

350 employees will conduct elections, trade apprentices also given training. Tata Workers Union elections will be held on 3 February. Voting will be held in various departments for the first committee member. After this, counting of votes will take place in Steelenium Hall from 5 pm onwards. The 214 committee members who win the election will then be nominated for the post of office bearer. Officers will be elected again.

Hand over the leadership of the union in strong hands

A meeting of former and present officials, committee members and members of Tata Workers Union was held in Bistupur on Tuesday. In the meeting, an appeal was made to Tata Steel employees to hand over the leadership of the union to strong hands to protect their interests. Former Chairman PN Singh said that during his tenure, a historic wage agreement was signed for the workers, in which steel grade and NS grade employees got significant benefits. Whenever the leadership of Tata Workers Union has weakened, the workers have suffered a lot. PN Singh said that the workers should assess all the agreements. Study the amount of profit and loss.

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