Lok Sabha Election 2024: Voting on 88 seats in the second phase on April 26

Lok Sabha election

Lok Sabha Election 2024: In the second phase of Lok Sabha elections, voting will start from 7 am in 88 constituencies of 13 states and union territories. The remaining five phases of Lok Sabha elections will continue till June 1 and counting of votes will take place on June 4. The Election Commission (EC) said … Read more

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at PM Modi

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at PM Modi

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Round of rallies continue regarding Lok Sabha elections. In this sequence, former Congress President and party MP Rahul Gandhi reached his parliamentary constituency Wayanad and from here he fiercely attacked BJP and RSS. He said that RSS and BJP are trying to destroy the Constitution of India and change the Constitution … Read more

Narendra Modi Interview: Rahul Gandhi’s attack on Narendra Modi’s interview

Rahul Gandhi on pm modi

Narendra Modi Interview: On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview to ANI, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, the Prime Minister has been caught and that is why he is giving the interview. Let the Prime Minister tell that one day the CBI investigation starts and soon after that they get money and soon after that the … Read more

Narendra Modi Interview: What did PM Modi say on One Nation One Election, Ram Mandir and Rahul Gandhi?

Modi ani interview

Narendra Modi Interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a special conversation with news agency ANI, said regarding One Nation One Election, this is our commitment. The PM said, one country, one election is one of the major promises made by his party-BJP in its election manifesto. PM Modi further said, one nation, one election is … Read more

PM Modi News: Congress’s ‘Yuvraj’ failed in UP, seeking votes in Kerala

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi News: PM Modi said, the work done in the last decade by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is just a trailer and a lot remains to be done for the progress of this southern state and the country. PM Modi also targeted Rahul Gandhi and accused the Congress leader of not being … Read more

BJP Manifesto: Congress calls BJP’s ‘Sankalp Patra’ an ‘apology’

Pawan Khera

BJP Manifesto: On BJP’s manifesto, Congress leader Pawan Kheda said that before this, no government in the country had had the ‘disease’ of changing the goalposts. Whatever BJP had said in 2014, in 2019 you did not give any account on it and in 2019 you kept it with new ‘jumlas’ and new goalposts. While … Read more

Chhattisgarh: Rahul Gandhi played tribal card in Chhattisgarh

Rahul Gandhi

Chhattisgarh: Rahul Gandhi attacked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government and said that Indian President Draupadi Murmu was stopped from attending the consecration ceremony at the Ram temple in Ayodhya because she is a tribal and it is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Reflects the thinking of BJP. He further said, described the Lok … Read more

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Rahul Gandhi attacks central government in Tamil Nadu

Lok Sabha Election 2024 The first list of Congress will be released soon.

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu on Friday. During this, Rahul Gandhi fiercely attacked the Central Government and BJP. Speaking in his speech, Rahul Gandhi said that today an ideological battle is going on in India. He said that on one side are the ideas of … Read more

National Herald case: Latest update of ‘National Herald’ case

Congress's strong attack on Modi government

The PMLA Adjudicating Authority on Wednesday upheld the Enforcement Directorate (ED) order of attachment of assets worth about Rs 752 crore of Congress-linked ‘National Herald’ newspaper and its associated companies in a money laundering case. This decision has paved the way for ED to take possession of the property. The authority said in its order … Read more

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Has Rahul Gandhi’s helicopter run out of fuel?

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Has Rahul Gandhi's helicopter run out of fuel?

Lok Sabha Election 2024: The round of rallies continues before the Lok Sabha elections. In this sequence, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh on Monday. Here he had to rest for the night due to which politics has intensified. Congress party informed that their helicopter could not take off due to … Read more