Narendra Modi Rally: PM Modi called Indira Gandhi a sister

PM Modi

Narendra Modi Rally: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing a huge rally in Morena, Madhya Pradesh, he fiercely attacked Congress. During that time he addressed former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as sister. Now PM Modi’s statement on Indira is becoming increasingly viral. It is being discussed a lot. When sister Indira Gandhi passed away… … Read more

Narendra Modi Interview: Before the elections, PM Modi made preparations for the third term

pm modi Interview

Narendra Modi Interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a special conversation with new agency ANI, said, the 2024 elections are an opportunity in front of the country. On one hand there is the model of Congress government and on the other hand there is the model of BJP government. His 6 decades of work and … Read more

Narendra Modi Interview: Rahul Gandhi’s attack on Narendra Modi’s interview

Rahul Gandhi on pm modi

Narendra Modi Interview: On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview to ANI, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, the Prime Minister has been caught and that is why he is giving the interview. Let the Prime Minister tell that one day the CBI investigation starts and soon after that they get money and soon after that the … Read more

Narendra Modi Interview: What did PM Modi say on One Nation One Election, Ram Mandir and Rahul Gandhi?

Modi ani interview

Narendra Modi Interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a special conversation with news agency ANI, said regarding One Nation One Election, this is our commitment. The PM said, one country, one election is one of the major promises made by his party-BJP in its election manifesto. PM Modi further said, one nation, one election is … Read more

Narendra Modi: ‘No matter whose money it is, the sweat should be from my country’

Narendra Modi ani interview

Narendra Modi: Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of American electric car manufacturer Tesla, is going to visit India. He confirmed this a few days ago. During the visit, Musk will also meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to sources, there is a possibility that he may announce the company’s investment plans in the country … Read more

Electoral Bonds: PM Modi said on abolishing electoral bonds – one day everyone will regret

PM Narendra Modi ani interview

Electoral Bonds: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a conversation with news agency ANI, because of electoral bonds you are getting to know the money. Which company gave it? How did you give it? Where did you give it? On the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish electoral bonds, PM Modi said, I say that when … Read more

PM Modi News: Congress’s ‘Yuvraj’ failed in UP, seeking votes in Kerala

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PM Modi News: PM Modi said, the work done in the last decade by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is just a trailer and a lot remains to be done for the progress of this southern state and the country. PM Modi also targeted Rahul Gandhi and accused the Congress leader of not being … Read more

Raj Thackeray: Raj Thackeray said – If PM Modi had not been there, Ram temple would not have been built.


Raj Thackeray: MNS chief Raj Thackeray said, on the day of Gudi Padwa, we had announced that this time we will support Narendra Modi. Many people questioned my decision. He further said, I had opposed the Modi government in the first 5 years, because the situation was different at that time, but as the Modi … Read more

PM Modi Meets Gamers: Met, talked; Watch full video

PM Modi Meets Gamers: Met, talked;  Watch full video

PM Modi Meets Gamers: The video of the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 7 young and famous online gamers of the country has been released. During this, an interesting conversation can be seen between PM Modi and the youth. In this video of the meeting held on April 11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi … Read more

PM Modi met the country’s top gamers, know what’s special

PM Modi met the country's top gamers, know what's special

PM Modi Meets Top Gamers: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is enthusiastic about new technology, recently met seven prominent gamers from the country and also played games with them on computer and mobile. Young gamers, who create games popular among youth and children, were surprised to see Prime Minister Modi playing games with efficiency and … Read more