Suspicious death of assistant female engineer in Muzaffarpur

Mahima Kumari, a 26-year-old assistant female engineer posted in the Irrigation Department in Muzaffarpur, died under suspicious circumstances on Saturday. The incident took place in Atardah Prajapati Nagar locality adjacent to Kachchi-Pakka Chowk of Sadar police station area. The body of the female engineer was found near the bathroom in a room located on the second floor of the house. She was a resident of Mananpur Bazaar in Lakhisarai district.

It is being said that blood had come out from the head, nose and ears of the deceased. Besides, the slippers on both feet were also open. His switched off mobile was kept near his dead body. When the deceased’s maternal grandfather called the neighbor, she came to the engineer’s room and was shocked to see his dead body lying on the floor near the bathroom. After this, the incident was immediately informed to the police of Sadar police station.

ASP Town Bhanu Pratap Singh, Sadar SHO Asmit Kumar and Lady Inspector Beauty Kumari reached the spot along with the police team. The entire room was checked from 4 pm to 8 pm. At present, the family of the female engineer is waiting for her arrival. Only after their arrival, Panchnama of the body will be prepared and sent for post-mortem. The police have expressed objection over the absence of CCTV cameras in the three-storey house.

The engineer was living in a rented house in Prajapati Nagar for two years.

The landlord told that Mahima Kumari, a female engineer posted in the Irrigation Department, was living in his house for the last two years. Sometimes she lived alone. Sometimes maternal grandparents and maternal uncles and aunts also used to come and stay. At four o’clock on Saturday evening, a woman working at his place came and said that the gate of Mahima’s room was open, she was lying unconscious on the floor. After this he immediately informed about the incident by dialing 112. Then, the police arrived and started investigating. The landlord said that Mahima was a well-mannered girl. His maternal grandparents had given him education under the guidance of Patna. The landlord has denied any suspicious person visiting his room.

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file photo of the deceased

Police are investigating on all three points – suicide, brain hemorrhage and murder.

Under the leadership of ASP Town, the police team of Sadar police station was present at the spot for four hours. The entry of outsiders into the room was banned. The deceased’s mobile phone has been recovered near the body, which was found switched off. An open bottle of cold drinks was also found on the fridge in the room. The police team is investigating till late night on all three counts of suicide, brain hemorrhage and murder in the death of the female engineer.

FSL team will collect evidence from the room, secret of death can be revealed from mobile

Since the case is suspicious, FSL team will be called on the instructions of ASP Town. The team will collect evidence from the room. Will also take fingerprints. However, in the investigation so far, no evidence of any kind of robbery or theft has been found in the room. After the arrival of the family members, the police will also take information about the woman from them. Further action will be taken on the basis of their written complaint.

The cause of death will be clear only after FSL investigation and post mortem report.

ASP Town Bhanu Pratap Singh said that we received information that an assistant female engineer was lying unconscious in the room. When the police arrived after the information, she was found dead. Police is investigating every angle. So far, nothing has been found in the investigation that someone might have entered the house with the intention of robbing. The remaining cause of death will become clear only through FSL investigation and post mortem report.

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