Sushil Modi, who is suffering from cancer, returned to Patna after getting treatment from AIIMS.

Veteran BJP leader MP Sushil Kumar Modi is ill these days. He will not be able to campaign for the party’s candidates in this Lok Sabha election. He has been battling cancer for the last six months. He had gone to Delhi AIIMS for cancer treatment. From where, after undergoing medical checkup, he returned to Patna on Wednesday evening. During this time, he was sitting on a wheel chair with a belt on and was looking quite unwell.

Earlier, while giving information about his cancer on social media, Sushil Modi had written that now he felt that the time has come to tell people that he has been fighting cancer for the last six months. Sushil Modi said that he will not be able to do anything in the Lok Sabha elections. Everything has been told to the Prime Minister. Always grateful and dedicated to the country, Bihar and the party. After this information, his well-wishers and political opponents including BJP and others were left speechless.

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