Sushil Modi: Sushil Modi has cancer, retired from politics

Sushil Modi: Patna. The countdown for Lok Sabha elections continues. The candidates contesting the elections are busy campaigning, meanwhile, former Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi has made a big revelation on the social site X. Explaining the reason for his departure from electoral politics, he has written that I have been struggling with cancer for the last six months. Now I felt the time had come to tell people. I will not be able to do anything in the Lok Sabha elections. Everything has been told to PM Modi. Always grateful and always dedicated to the country, Bihar and the party.

There were many types of discussions after his departure from Rajya Sabha.

Sushil Kumar Modi, who was active in the electoral politics of Bihar for three decades, became MP in the year 2020 for the remaining term on the seat vacant after the death of Lok Janshakti Party leader and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan. Recently, the party had not made Sushil Modi a candidate for the by-elections for Rajya Sabha seats of Bihar. When BJP made Dr. Dharamsheela Gupta and Dr. Bhim Singh candidates from Bihar for the Rajya Sabha elections, people thought that the party would make Sushil Modi a candidate from Patna or Bhagalpur. But today Sushil Modi himself disclosed his illness and gave the reason for his separation from active politics.

The dream of becoming Union Finance Minister was not fulfilled

Recently, Sushil Modi had said in a tweet that there would be very few workers in the country whom the party has sent to all four houses of the country continuously for 33 years. I will always be grateful to the party and will continue to work as before. This tweet was read as a farewell tweet in many circles. Regarding former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and former Finance Minister Sushil Modi, political analysts say that Sushil Modi was eligible for the post of Union Finance Minister of India, but unfortunately he remained as the Finance Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. Sushil Modi was the Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Bihar from 2005 to 2013, was the head of the GST Empowered Committee, and kept writing articles on economic topics like GST. When he was in the opposition, whether it was the budget or some other economic issue, he used to talk about it and raise questions.

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Modi remained at the center of anti Lalu politics

Sushil Modi, who was at the center of Lalu’s protest in Bihar, has been facing many allegations for a long time that under his leadership, BJP has become Nitish Kumar’s B-team. He could not become the face of BJP in the state. No new leadership could emerge in Bihar during his tenure. At a time when BJP has more seats in the Assembly than JDU, yet BJP has once again formed the government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. People also say that the political stature of Sushil Modi, who was at the center of Lalu’s opposition, has been decreasing in Bihar since 2017.

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