Sushil Modi reacted after being out of the Rajya Sabha race, know what he said?

Elections are to be held on six Rajya Sabha seats in Bihar. Regarding this, the Central Election Committee of BJP has announced the names of its candidates. This time BJP has decided to send Dr. Dharamsheela Gupta and Dr. Bhim Singh to Rajya Sabha. Dr. Dharamsheela Gupta is currently the President of Bihar BJP Mahila Morcha while Dr. Bhim Singh is the Senior State Vice President of Bihar BJP. Dr. Bhim Singh has been a minister in Nitish government. After the end of the tenure of former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and current Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi, BJP has announced a new candidate in his place. After the announcement of the name, Sushil Modi has also reacted.

Sushil Modi congratulated all the candidates

While posting on social media, Sushil Kumar Modi wrote that hearty congratulations to Dr. Bhim Singh and Dr. Dharamsheela Gupta on being made BJP candidates for Rajya Sabha from Bihar. He further wrote that hearty congratulations to all the authorized candidates from Bihar along with Dr. Dharamsheela Gupta ji and Dr. Bhim Singh ji of Bharatiya Janata Party declared for the upcoming Rajya Sabha biennial elections 2024 and advance wishes for victory.

Sushil Modi thanked BJP

While thanking BJP, Sushil Modi further said that there would be very few workers in the country whom the party has sent to all four houses of the country continuously for 33 years. I will always be grateful to the party and will continue to work as before.

BJP played its bet on backward people

BJP has given importance to backward castes on both the Rajya Sabha seats. Dr. Bhim Singh belongs to Kahar caste. At present he is the state vice president of BJP. Whereas, Dr. Dharamsheela Gupta comes from Vaishya community. Sushil Modi also comes from Vaishya community. In such a situation, by choosing Dr. Dharamsheela in place of Sushil Modi, BJP has given the message that it is not ignoring its core voters. Just changing the face. Let us tell you that Rajya Sabha elections are done on the basis of the number of MLAs. Due to the large number of BJP MLAs in Bihar, both its candidates are certain to be elected.

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