Surya Grahan 2023 Date, Timings in India Live: The last solar eclipse of the year will take place tomorrow on October 14.

How to perform puja after solar eclipse?

Immediately after the Sutak period ends, you have to sprinkle Ganga water on the temple. Not only this, before touching the temple you also have to sprinkle Ganga water on yourself. It is said that Ganga water is very pure and any eclipse has no effect on its purity.

When should one take bath after solar eclipse?

One should take bath immediately after the solar eclipse ends. Mixing Ganga water in water while taking bath eliminates the negative effects of eclipse. One should wear clean clothes after bathing. After the end of the solar eclipse, sprinkle Ganga water in the house.

Eclipse will take place on the day of Sarva Pitru Amavasya

There will be a solar eclipse on 14 October 2023 and on this day there will be Sarva Pitru Amavasya. With Sarva Pitru Amavasya, the 16 day long Shraddha Paksha ends. However, this eclipse will not be visible in India, due to which there will be no ban on Shraddha rituals and all religious activities related to Amavasya.

Sutak will be applicable or not

Since this solar eclipse will not be visible in India, the rules of Sutak will also not apply here. The rules of Sutak are valid only where the eclipse is visible. Sutak period is that inauspicious time before the eclipse in which the earth’s atmosphere gets polluted due to harmful rays.

A ring-like shape will be visible

The solar eclipse visible on October 14 will be annular. In this situation, the Moon, despite being far away from the Earth, comes in between the Sun. This eclipse is the opposite of a total solar eclipse. In this position it does not cover the sun completely. Due to this, a ring-like shape is formed in the sky. It is a part of the Sun, hence it looks completely different.

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