Supreme Court refuses to hear Hemant Soren’s petition, instructions to go to High Court

Ranchi: The special bench of the Supreme Court refused to hear the petition of Hemant Soren. The court directed him to go to the High Court. The court directed the High Court to hear the case quickly and execute it, but refused to set a time limit for it. Hemant Soren had filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the summons issued by the ED. He also expressed fear of his arrest and demanded a ban on it. A petition was filed on his behalf in the Jharkhand High Court and the Supreme Court on January 31.

During the hearing in Jharkhand High Court on January 1, information was given that the date of hearing has been fixed on January 2 on the petition filed by ED on behalf of Hemant Soren in the Supreme Court. After this, the High Court fixed the date of February 5 for hearing the petition. The Supreme Court accepted the request of Hemant Soren for an early hearing and constituted a special bench. The petition was presented on Friday before a special bench of Justice Sanjeev Khanna, Justice MM Sundaresh and Justice Bela M Trivedi.

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Justice Sanjeev Khanna: Why have you come here? Go to the High Court.

Kapil Sibal: Why? Why can’t we come here?

Judge Sanjeev Khanna: This petition is also pending in the High Court. So you go there first.

Kapil Sibal: The matter is related to the arrest of the Chief Minister. Therefore, considering the seriousness of the matter, listen to the petition.

Judge Sanjeev Khanna: Now the arrest has been made. If we allow hearing of one such case, then we will have to allow hearing of all other cases. Therefore hearing cannot be allowed. You go to the High Court. The High Court is competent to hear it.

(Kapil Sibal again requested to hear the petition.)

Abhishek Manu Singhvi (interrupting): Arrest is unnecessary.

Justice Sanjeev Khanna: Earlier also a petition was filed with a similar demand under Article 32 of the Constitution. It was withdrawn. The order given by the court in the petition filed earlier is clear. Therefore, you should approach the High Court regarding this matter under Article 26 of the Constitution.

ASG SV Raju (on behalf of the Enforcement Directorate): The government is converting a place with five-star facilities into a camp jail.

After Justice Sanjeev Khanna directed him to go to the High Court and SV Raju’s speech ended, Kapil Sibal again started requesting the court. He requested the court to fix a fixed date or time to execute the petition filed in the High Court. But, Justice Sanjeev Khanna rejected it. He directed the High Court to dispose of the petition expeditiously. After this instruction, the proceedings of the special bench formed to hear Hemant Soren’s petition ended.

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