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Summer brought disaster: hundreds of families rendered homeless

As soon as the summer season started, the cases of fire started increasing, property worth crores of rupees of hundreds of families got damaged due to negligence. Shankar/Roshan, Supaul As soon as the summer started, the orgy of fire started in the district. Due to the westerly wind and hot weather, the fire is taking a huge form and destroying the entire settlement within a moment. Seeing the monstrous form of the fire, people are unable to muster the courage to control it. Years of savings are being destroyed in a matter of moments. The biggest carelessness in this is on the part of the people. Fires are happening due to the carelessness of people. Somewhere there are incidents of fire due to spark from the stove, somewhere because of bonfire and somewhere due to short circuit. Many such cases have come to light in which people could not find out how the house caught fire. If we look at the incidents that have happened in recent times, about 500 houses have been burnt in 84 fires, in which property worth crores of people has been destroyed. Many poor families have been forced to live under the open sky. Many people were left with mehendi on their daughters’ hands. In the summer season there is a strong possibility of fire. At the same time, people will have to become aware and adopt fire prevention methods, so that the incidents of fire can be stopped. The fire department is making people aware about fire prevention in urban and rural areas. A total of 84 cases of fire were reported in the district from January 1 to April 2. – In this, 47 cases in Supaul sub-division – 20 cases in Triveniganj sub-division – 04 cases in Nirmali sub-division – 13 cases in Veerpur sub-division. There are total 08 hot spot centers in the district in Pratapganj, Raghopur, Balua, Kishanpur, Pipra, Chhatapur, Bhimpur, Jadia district. There are a total of 16 fire vehicles, big – 08 small – 08. The fire extinguisher installed in Sadar Hospital is expired. The fire safety equipment installed in the government institution is not being checked regularly, which shows the negligence of the administrative and departmental officers. The fire safety equipment installed in Sadar Hospital has expired. In such a situation, if a fire incident occurs, huge damage can be caused. Whereas dozens of coaching centers in the city do not have any fire protection system. Which needs attention. Prabhat Appeal: In case of fire, immediately call 101 and inform. Don’t think that someone else might have already given this information. When surrounded by smoke, cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth. If you are trapped in a room filled with smoke and there is no way out, close the door. Seal all the cracks and holes with wet towels or sheets, so that smoke cannot enter. Do not provide instructions to people trapped in fire if you are not trained in emergency services and fire safety. By doing this you can confuse or mislead them, which can even result in loss of someone’s life. After cooking, extinguish the flame of the stove completely. Cook food in the morning before the wind blows; cook food in the evening too and extinguish the ashes completely. Be sure to keep a bucket filled with water while cooking. Officials say: The materials used in making slums should not be inflammable. In making these, instead of using plastic sheets, cloth, tarpaulin etc., use iron poles, cement or tin sheets, bricks etc. Fire can be prevented by coating the outside and inside of the slum with mud. Do not make unauthorized use of electricity. Take connection with the electricity meter officially. Use plug-sockets instead of bare wires. Switch off all electrical appliances while leaving the house. Stop using unauthorized cylinders. Buy authorized LPG cylinder. Switch off the regulator after use. Do not use beedi, cigarette etc. Do not throw burning beedis, cigarettes or matchsticks here and there. In case of fire, immediately help everyone to reach a safe place. Make way for the fire service vehicle to arrive. Give way to the vehicle and help it reach the fire. Vinod Kumar Ram, Sub-Divisional Fire Officer Supaul


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