Students studying in medical colleges of Jharkhand will no longer get this facility.

Ranchi: MBBS students studying in medical colleges will no longer get five marks grace marks in any examination. This facility which MBBS students have been getting for the last 40 years will now end. The new guidelines of the National Medical Commission (NMC) will also be implemented in Ranchi University. This new guideline of NMC will also be approved by the Ranchi University administration in a day or two. NMC has sent new guidelines to Ranchi University and asked them to implement it.

Till now, getting grace marks often helped students pass. But as per the guidelines, instructions of ‘no grace marks’ have been issued. It is said that with the implementation of this new guideline, medical students will have only the option of main examination and supplementary examination to pass. Now students are likely to be included in the study of Ayurveda and Homeopathy as foundation courses.

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Whereas, in the final MBBS, surgery, medicine and gynecology subjects will be of 18 months. First MBBS students will now have to study for 1521 hours i.e. 39 weeks. Students will get additional time of one month for the elective examination i.e. research subject. Not only this, according to the guidelines, like before, every student will have to adopt three families for three years and keep an eye on their activities ranging from their eating habits to their diseases, nutrition etc. Now, communication between doctors and patients will also be included in the foundation course. Apart from this, provision has also been made to connect MBBS students with sports and yoga.

Internal and external examiners will be from the list approved by the university.

The list of internal and external examiners for MBBS students will be sent by the department to the dean and by the dean to the university. Now the college will have to call the examiner only on the basis of the list/names approved by the university. Internal and external examiners will now be from the respective subjects only. Apart from this, internal and external examiners will now be changed on rotation basis.

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