Students are still leaving Jharkhand to pursue education, there is a huge shortage of teachers.

Ranchi: In 23 years of formation of Jharkhand, 12 government universities and 371 colleges were opened. On the other hand, 20 private universities have also been established in the state so far. Out of 371 colleges, 89 are constituent colleges and 285 are affiliated colleges. At present the gross enrollment rate in the university is 17 in Jharkhand, while at the national level it is 27.3. Talking about universities and higher educational institutions, there is a Central University, an Agricultural University along with a Technical University, IIM, Triple IT, Law University.

But even now students pursuing higher education are going to outside states, which is a matter of concern. The reasons for this need to be known. All the government universities there are. There is a huge shortage of teachers and staff. Every year teachers and employees are retiring, but new appointments are not being made in that proportion. On the other hand, the number of students is increasing. According to the UGC standard, there should be one teacher for every 25 students, but currently there is one teacher for every 100 students in the state universities.

According to the data of the year 2018-19, there was only one teacher for 73 students. Still in Jharkhand, only eight colleges per lakh are available for students in the age group of 18 to 30 years. Whereas 30 colleges are available at the national level. The Higher and Technical Education Department has set a target of bringing the gross enrollment ratio to 50 percent by the year 2035. But to meet this challenge, the disparity between institutions in cities and rural areas will have to be removed.

The infrastructure of the currently existing institutions will have to be improved. The vacant posts of teachers and employees will have to be filled, while new posts will also have to be created for new courses. However, a requisition has been sent to JPSC through the university for appointment to 2404 vacant posts of Assistant Professor in universities and colleges.

On the other hand, regular appointments will have to be made on important posts of the university like VC, Provost, Registrar and other posts. On one hand, despite the state government spending more than Rs 600 crore per year, not a single government university or college has been able to meet the national standards. To improve the condition of higher education and to prevent migration of students, the area of ​​the university was also reduced. After a lot of efforts, after the appointment of 750 assistant professors in 2008, now the process of appointment of teachers has started by JPSC in 2021-22.

The Act was also amended for teacher appointment. Reservation roster was prepared considering the university as a unit. Jharkhand eligibility test has been conducted only once in 23 years. If we look at technical education, the situation is that 15 engineering colleges are running on private and PPP mode.

More than 17 government polytechnic colleges are running without a permanent principal. Out of 432 sanctioned posts of teachers, only 80 teachers are working in Polytechnic College. The shortage of educational institutions providing higher education will have to be removed. Jharkhand government has also brought many schemes to attract students towards higher education. Under this, Guruji Student Credit Card, Eklavya Training Scheme, CM Education Incentive Scheme etc. are included.

The government has also run a scheme for pursuing higher education abroad. The main reason for migration of youth is employment. The students of the institutes here are not getting placements with good packages as per their wish, lack of employment opportunities, lack of good institutes for preparing for big competitive exams are also the reasons for migration. If we believe the data of Higher and Technical Education Department, till now only seven universities and 145 colleges in the state are NAAC accredited. But in Jharkhand, except ISM, (IIT) Dhanbad, BIT Mesra, IIM, no government institute has been included in the national level ranking.

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