Start Up Bihar: Workers will not wander in search of work

Start Up Bihar: Laborers who used to stand for hours in the morning at various intersections of Muzaffarpur city in search of work will now get work sitting at home. Wages will also be available in online or offline mode. For this they will not have to go far. They will get work in their own field. In this regard, students of Biomedical and Robotics and Information and Technology branches of MIT have together made a Startup policy.

Students are developing an app. Its prototype has been made and testing has been started on it. This project has also been selected among 500 participants in the startup event held at IIT Patna. A total of 17 startup ideas were selected in this event. This is also one of them. The team includes a total of six members.

The team leader is Shivani Kumari of BMR. Anuradha Kumari, Ayushi Singh and Aditya Anand Kashyap of the same branch as well as Ryan Hasan and Akash Chandra Verma of the IT branch are part of this project. Startup Cell Faculty Incharge of the college, Dr. Sanjay Kumar said that the startup policy of Bihar government is showing enthusiasm among the students towards generating employment opportunities. Students are exploring possibilities in different fields. All possible assistance is being provided to them by the college.

Idea of ​​start up came after seeing laborers waiting for work

Team leader Shivani says that she often used to see hundreds of laborers standing in search of work in the morning at Brahmpura Lakshmi Chowk near the college. He used to wait for work till 10-11 o’clock. When he never got work, he had to return again. Seeing this the thought came that why not create a platform for them. After this “Need”: Saath hai toh special hai… Started working on the project with colleagues.

Shivani and other team members told that survey work has been started for this app in Google Forms and offline areas. Good feedback has also been received from the workers. Their data is being collected and stored in the app. The objective of the app is to provide home services based facilities in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. People often look for laborers for plumber, mechanic and other works. They do not get laborers on time.

On the other hand, workers come for work and have to return if they do not get work. In such a situation, this startup plan has been made to bring both on one platform. The college administration is also getting support in this.

Along with QR code, Icard will also be available for payment.

If the workers want to take money in online mode after work, then the same will also be arranged through the app. They will also be given an ID card under Startup. It will have their QR code in it. If they wish, they can take the money directly into their account with its help. And if customers pay them through the app, the money will be given by the company.

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