Special feature in Gmail, facility of package tracking after online shopping.

What Is Gmail New Package Tracking Feature: Google has recently added a new feature – Package Tracking, to its Gmail app. It lets users track their parcels and get delivery-related information without even opening the app. Now after the new update, if the delivery is late, users will see a mail at the top of Gmail, in which information will be given about when the product will be delivered. Gmail users will see this mail with an orange colored subject at the top of the inbox. With the help of this feature, online shopping users will get rid of wasting their time searching or searching down the mail list to check the delivery date of the product.

Available for both mobile and desktop versions

Google has brought a great feature for Gmail users, which improves the online shopping experience. Google has introduced a delivery filter option for buyers. This feature is designed to help buyers filter their searches and identify products that can be delivered faster. This feature is available for both mobile and desktop versions of Gmail. For Gmail to track your parcel, users will have to manually turn on this option in Gmail settings.

Very beneficial for shopping

Many people use Gmail in the country and the world. Be it personal or official, it is used somewhere. Recently Google has added a very useful feature in Gmail. Its name is package tracking. If you do online shopping, it can be very beneficial for shopping. One reason for this is that e-commerce companies have now started providing delivery in villages also. In such a situation, users will be able to track it easily. For this the company has brought a new feature.

Easy to track online shopping orders

If you do online shopping, then you must be aware that tracking the order is not a big deal. This facility is available in most e-commerce and shopping website apps. There is a separate section for orders, where the date of shipment, packed and delivery of the order is written. At the same time, messages from these e-commerce sites also go to the concerned users. Google has now made it easier. To make the online shopping experience special, Google has added this new feature.

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