Smart auto coach wash started in Agra for cleaning metro train, zero discharge policy will save water

Agra News: The trial of metro train in Agra has started for a long time. Every day metro trains are seen running on the tracks. UPMRC has also made special arrangements to ensure that the shine of the metro remains intact and that it looks washed and clean. Metro trains are being washed through the Smart Auto Coach Wash Plant at the Metro Depot Workshop in Agra. Metro train for the people of Agra can start in January or February. Trial of metro train is being done daily. UPMRC said that to keep the metro train clean, the washing work will be done in a modern way. Washing of trains has started through the Smart Auto Coach Plant in the Agra Metro Depot complex. Recycled water is being used in the auto coach wash plant under the zero discharge policy. With the help of this plant, water and electricity will be saved. Since the launch of Agra Metro train by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the metro is being continuously trialled in the elevated part of the Priority Corridor. Before being trialled on the main line, metro trains are being washed for the first time through the Smart Auto Coach Watch Plant. In this process, first of all the temperature of the train is reduced by using sprinklers.

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