Six houses burnt to ashes due to fire, loss worth lakhs

Udhwa. These days, incidents of fire in Radhanagar police station area are not showing any signs of stopping. According to the information, the daughter of Radhika Mandal, resident of Sitaram Tola under South Begumganj Panchayat, was cooking food on Tuesday afternoon. Had gone out to get some things. Meanwhile, a spark from the stove fell on the firewood. The fire spread throughout the kitchen. Due to the wind, the fire spread rapidly and engulfed the house of Radhika Mandal along with the houses of her neighbors Nivaran Mandal, Vanamali Mandal, Fakirchand Mandal, Sidam Mandal, Subodh Mandal, Deepali Ghosh, due to which Everyone’s house was burnt to ashes. The villagers informed the fire brigade personnel about the incident. Fire fighting vehicles reached the spot. The fire could be controlled after a lot of hard work with the help of fire brigade personnel and villagers. By then it was too late. About half a dozen houses were affected. The fire burnt the birch bark and about one quintal of wheat kept on the roof of neighboring Shankar Mandal. According to the villagers, Vanamali Mandal suffered the most damage in the incident. The grains, utensils, three goats kept in his house along with Rs 1 lakh in cash kept in a box to give him a house have been burnt to ashes. At the same time, deep boring pipes, heater fans and goods worth lakhs of Nivaran Mandal were burnt. Since the incident, the victim’s families are in bad condition and crying. The victim’s families have appealed to the administration for help.

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