Silkyara Tunnel has collapsed 20 times in the last five years! Why was there so much trouble this time?

Uttarakhand Silkyara Tunnel: On November 12, an accident occurred in the Silkyara-Barkot tunnel of Uttarkashi. Where the digging was going on in the tunnel, suddenly there was a crack and due to the collapse of a large part, the entire tunnel was covered with debris. A total of 41 laborers got trapped in the tunnel in this accident. He was taken out after 17 days of rescue operation. There were many obstacles in this rescue operation, but due to the efforts of different teams, this operation was successful. But, now information is coming out in a report that this is not the first time.

About 20 accidents occurred here during construction.

Let us tell you that this tunnel is total 4.5 kilometers long. It is said that this is the longest tunnel on the Char Dham All-Weather Road Project. However, many such incidents have happened here in the last five years. Giving information, Anshu Manish Khalkho, Director (Administration and Finance) of National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL), the PSU overseeing the project, said that about 20 accidents have occurred here during the construction. However, those accidents have been very small and no workers are trapped there.

Know why there was so much trouble

He also termed the incident of tunnel collapse as normal and said that such incidents happen during every tunnel construction project but this time we were unlucky that the workers got trapped there. Tunnel collapses, also known as ‘cavities’, occurred on both the Silkyara side and the Barkot end of the tunnel, Khalkho added, adding that “more collapses occurred on the Barkot side than on the Silkyara side “. He further said that an area of ​​160 to 260 meters (also known as chainage) inside the tunnel mouth from the Silkyara end was identified as the ‘red zone’ or ‘shear zone’ having brittle rocks.

Additional protective measures will be taken

Further, while talking to the media agency Times of India, he said that after this incident, additional protective measures will now be taken to strengthen that area of ​​the tunnel. Another official involved in the construction of the tunnel has also said on this matter that due to the challenging geology of the area and the necessary rock breakage during the tunnel construction, such incidents have come to light at many places.

All workers fit, ready to go home

Here, all the 41 workers evacuated from the Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarkashi district were found healthy in the medical examinations conducted at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh and they were allowed to go home, after which many workers have left for their homes. . AIIMS administration told the media here that all the workers have been found healthy in the medical examination and they have been allowed to go home.

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