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Sambhal: The department had to work hard to catch the leopard, policemen lost their lives due to arbitrariness

Sambhal: There was a stir after the leopard entered Rasulpur Dhatra village of Hayatnagar police station area in Sambhal. On information, police and forest department teams reached the spot. CO Anuj Chaudhary got injured in the leopard attack during the rescue. For now the leopard has been caught safely. But after that, he lost his life due to the atrocities committed on the voiceless animal trapped in the net. In fact, after seeing the leopard walking in the fields in the village on Thursday morning, the villagers started chasing it with sticks. The leopard, which was running to save its life, entered the house of Ramkunwar Saini. When there was a noise in the house, the leopard went into the toilet. The police reached there one hour after the information and the forest department team reached there half an hour later. By creating a siege and creating noise, the leopard was successfully captured in the trap within two hours. After this, arbitrariness and cruelty started with him. To calm down the leopard, who was roaring despite being trapped in the net, the forest and police personnel turned several cots upside down and spread them on the net. After this the uniformed men stood on those cots. When the leopard became silent, it was declared unconscious and brought to Moradabad. In Moradabad, Forest Range Officer RK Srivastava said that the leopard died. It was not clear from the medical report whether the cause of his death was suffocation or injuries on his body. In this case, Sambhal DFO JB Shende said that the team had rescued and caught a male leopard. At the time of capture his condition was lethargic and inactive. He was taken for treatment but he died. There is a possibility of death on the way. Further action is being taken.

When leopard gets trapped in the net, people become lions

Let us tell you that the incident took about six and a half hours from the moment the leopard was spotted till it was trapped. During this period, neither did the leopard harm humans nor was there any attempt by the villagers to attack it. What happened was that the team that came for rescue could not control itself. As soon as the leopard was captured in the trap, the forest and policemen did something which does not happen even in the forest. Three cots were laid upside down. Standing over them, the leopard trapped in the net was badly crushed for about 45 minutes. Villagers told that even after being trapped, when the leopard started growling and showing attitude, someone suggested that it should be made unconscious. On this suggestion, forest department experts or veterinarians were not called, instead the rescue team asked a villager to bring an anesthetic injection to the buffalo. Meanwhile, to control the leopard, pressure was put on its trap by laying a net of cots. When this did not work, he climbed on the cots and started pressing the leopard with his feet. Villagers told that similar cruelty was done to the leopard for about 45 minutes. A video of this scene is also going viral. After this, when the leopard’s movement stopped, it was declared unconscious and taken to Moradabad. It was said that after treatment he would be released into the forest but he was informed about his death in Moradabad. It was said that he died on the way due to shock.

Know the time of the event

  • Vasant, a resident of Dhatra, saw the leopard on the farm at around 5.00 am on Thursday.
  • After being chased, the leopard entered the toilet of Ramkunwar Saini at 8.00 in the morning.
  • The police reached the spot at 9.00 and the forest department team reached the spot at 9.30.
  • At 11.30, we succeeded in catching the leopard by setting a net.
  • Information was given about the sudden death of the leopard in the night.

Ramkunwar’s family remained imprisoned in the house

Farmer Ramkunwar Saini’s wife Sushila Devi, daughter Gyanwati and daughter-in-law Rekha ran away when the leopard entered. The daughter and daughter-in-law locked themselves in the room. Sushila Devi ran towards the terrace. The light net present in the room was also scaring the sister-in-law and sister-in-law, who were confined in the room for more than three hours. He told that it seemed that the leopard might break the net and come inside. It was not clear what the situation was outside from the sounds coming from the crowd outside. When it was announced from outside that the leopard was trapped in the trap, both of them opened the door and came out of the room. Sambhal CO Anuj Chaudhary said that the leopard had taken the back part of my leg in its mouth. There is a lot of injury. There are stitches. The doctor has prescribed a week’s rest. Due to the presence of shoes, the feet have been protected to a great extent.


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