Rohit Sharma expressed his pain over the defeat in the final, said- ‘If 20-30 more runs were added to the score…’

Australia’s victory journey

First match: Australia lost to India by six wickets in Chennai

Second match: Australia lost to South Africa by 134 runs in Lucknow

Third match: Australia defeated Sri Lanka by five wickets in Lucknow

Fourth match: Australia beats Pakistan by 62 runs in Bengaluru

Fifth match: Australia defeated Netherlands by 309 runs in Delhi

Sixth match: Australia defeated New Zealand by five runs in Dharamshala.

Seventh match: Australia beat England by 33 runs in Ahmedabad

Eighth match: Australia defeated Afghanistan by three wickets in Pune.

Ninth match: Australia defeated Bangladesh by eight wickets

Semi-finals: Australia beats South Africa by three wickets in Kolkata

Final: Australia defeated India by six wickets in Ahmedabad.

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