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Reliance JioMotive is such a device that any car will become a smart car as soon as it is installed, the price is only ₹ 4,999

Recently, Reliance Jio JioMotive Announced a new gadget by the name. Now this device will help you convert your car into a “smart” car without any major changes. You can access features like anti-theft, vehicle health detection, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. Reliance Geomotive There is a device that can convert any car into a smart car. This device collects the car’s on-board data and shares it with the car owner through an app. Through this app, car owners can check their car’s location, engine health, driving performance and other information.

Following are the main features of Reliance Geomotive:

  • Location Tracking: This feature allows the car owner to see the real-time location of his car.

  • Theft Alert: This feature alerts the car owner if their car is being misused or it has been stolen.

  • Engine Health: This feature allows the car owner to see if their car’s engine is working properly or not.

  • Driving Performance: This feature allows the car owner to see how they are driving their car.

5 amazing features of JioMotive

You can plug and play this small and portable OBD device and upgrade your old car as well.

5 amazing features of JioMotive

  1. First of all, since it is a plug-in device, you do not need assistance to install it. Simply plug the device in and you are ready to go. You can add it to your Jio Everywhere Connect plan and avoid the hassle of getting a new SIM for it.

  2. Jio Motive allows you to track your vehicle in real time. So that you will know the location of your vehicle at all times. Moreover, it also alerts users if someone tries to steal the car. So you can be rest assured about the safety of your car.

  3. Another feature of JioMotive is that it enables users to create geofences. You can create any size geo fence and you will get alerts when your car enters and exits the geo fence. With geofencing, you also get an alert when your car is towed so you can take immediate action.

  4. If your car meets with an accident, you will get real-time updates about it. JioMotive will also give you updates about the health of your car from time to time.

  5. You don’t have to worry about theft of your JioMotive. If someone attempts to tamper with it, break or steal it, you will be immediately notified.

use of reliance geomotive

Reliance JioMotive is an affordable and useful device that can help car owners control and protect their car better.

Here are some specific examples of how Reliance Geomotive can be used:

  • A parent sends his child to school. By tracking the location of their child’s car, they can ensure whether their child reaches school safely or not.

  • A businessman sends his employees on a long distance trip. They can track the location of their employees’ cars to ensure that their employees reach their destinations on time.

  • A car owner wants to monitor the condition of his car’s engine. They can check the engine health of their car to ensure that their car is working properly.

Reliance JioMotive is a device that offers many benefits for car owners. It is an economical and useful option that can help car owners control and keep their car better.

Relink JioMotive Price

Relince JioMotive has been launched at a very low price. You can convert your car into a smart car by purchasing this device for just Rs 4,999. You can buy this device from Amazon as well as Reliance Digital.


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