Record number of spectators reached the stadium to watch the Cricket World Cup, but there is concern about the future of ODI

ODIs recently concluded in India world Cup 12 lakh 50 thousand spectators came to the stadium to watch the matches, which is a new record for this competition held every four years. Australia won this six-week long competition by defeating India by six wickets in the final played in Ahmedabad on Sunday, which is its sixth title. International Cricket Council (ICC) Told on Tuesday that a total of 1,250,307 spectators went to the stadium to watch this tournament. When six matches were left in the tournament, the number of spectators had crossed the magical number of 10 lakhs.

New record of spectators in World Cup

This figure of spectators is a new record in the World Cup. He left behind the figures of the World Cup played in Australia and New Zealand in 2015. In which a total of 10,16,420 spectators came. The World Cup played in England and Wales in 2019 was watched by 7,52,000 spectators in the stadium. A total of 10 teams took part in the World Cup played in India. Who played matches against each other on round robin basis. A total of 48 matches were played in the tournament including the semi-finals and final and thus the number of spectators per match was approximately 26,000.

Questions on the future of ODI format

World Cup-winning captain Pat Cummins himself has admitted that he has fallen in love with 50-over cricket again, but there is currently a debate going on about the future relevance of the ODI format. There is no doubt that India is the heartbeat of world cricket and the stadiums remained packed during most of the matches of the World Cup which lasted for 45 days. It is no surprise that India has hosted the ODI World Cup with the highest viewership ever.

More crazy about T20

Players and fans of this game love Test cricket but the spectators are more inspired and thrilled by the T20 format. This format is being used to promote the game globally. In the digital age, the scope for concentrated cricket viewing has become smaller than ever before. Besides, not everyone has the time and enthusiasm to spend eight hours for an ODI match.

Bilateral series will not get that many viewers

The ICC ODI World Cup in India was successful in proving that people are ready to watch the global competition of this game but this confidence is not aroused regarding bilateral ODI series. In such a situation, the question arises whether ODI matches should be played only in the World Cup year? If not, then should the format be changed on the advice of stalwarts like Wasim Akram and Sachin Tendulkar.

Advice for 40 overs ODI

The Indian team will play only six ODI matches next year while Pakistan’s next ODI match is in November 2024. This is the situation when this country will host the Champions Trophy (2025) in 2025. During the World Cup, Akram advocated changing the format to 40 overs instead of 50, whereas Tendulkar has long wanted to change the matches to four innings of 25-25 overs to increase the ‘thrill’ in it.

Akram advocated 30 overs

Akram told ‘Fox Sports’, ‘I have a little problem with ODI cricket right now. Nowadays in one-day cricket, you rarely see anything interesting happening in the middle overs (around the 30th over). If there is a 40 over format then there will be more excitement at that time. He said, ‘I don’t know whether it is going to happen or not, but I think 40 overs will be more interesting, especially for bilateral series. Today’s audience, we know they have less time than they did in the nineties. We have to make it suitable for T20 format and social media.

Got more suggestions for 30 overs

His fast bowling partner Waqar Younis suggested to the ICC that one ball should be withdrawn from the bowling team after about 30 overs. He said, ‘One-day cricket is very much batsman-friendly. My suggestion to ICC would be to take back one of the two balls after 30 overs. This will make the ball 35 overs old during the entire game and the bowlers will get a chance to reverse swing. This is necessary to save the art of reverse swing. After becoming world champion, Cummins said that he loves this format.

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